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Win This Hat!

Arc’teryx LEAF has produced a new, limited edition, giveaway-only, hat made from MultiCam Tweave. The first batch went to the Special Operations Care-Fund‘s luncheon last week to raise money to pay for hyperbaric treatments for wounded Veterans. I attended the function and purchased one of the hats in order to give it away on SSD.

hat 2

Oftentimes companies come to us and ask which charities they should consider donating to. It’s a tough decision and we have a few favorites. But, we’d like to hear about your favorites. To win this hat, all you have to do is enter by telling us your favorite charity. It doesn’t even have to be a military charity.

SSD is hoping that you’ll consider donating to a charity or those in need this holiday season. Good luck!

To enter:

1. In the comments section of THIS article on SSD share your favorite charity. Only entries here are eligible to win.

2. Comments are open from 0900 EST today, November 18th until 0859 EST tomorrow, November 19th.

3. Use any alias you want to post but be sure to use a valid email address since that’s how we’ll contact the winner.

4. 1 winner will be selected at random.

5. One entry per email address. We will delete entries that violate this policy.

6. Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited.

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416 Responses to “Win This Hat!”

  1. DC says:

    I really think the All In All The Time Foundation is great!

  2. Apyon says:

    Wounded warrior project

  3. Chipman ,Scot C says:

    EOD wounded warrior foundation

  4. SwedeLightning says:

    Wounded warrior project!

  5. William says:

    Special Operations Warrior Fondation

  6. Adam says:

    Warrior Shoot Event Group.

  7. AU says:

    Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)

  8. bulldog76 says:

    fisher house

  9. INC says:

    Red Circle Foundation

  10. bob says:

    EOD Warrior Foundation

  11. tom w says:

    The Hate Project. a small central CA based non profit that started with a donation to cystic fibrosis and has since donated to make a wish foundation, alpha k9, seal foundation and a few other charities. it is a home based charity w/ a rabid following.

  12. Middian says:

    Boy Scouts of America

  13. The Armed Forced Foundation (AFF)

  14. J_Douglass says:

    Wounded Warrior Project!

  15. * The Armed Forces Foundation (AFF)

  16. southernborne says:

    Wounded warrior project

  17. Frank says:

    The V42 Foundation that supports Canadian Special Operations Forces Command soldiers, veterans & their families.

  18. JC says:

    Elder Heart

  19. Lasse says:


  20. Wiley says:

    Doctors without borders (http://www.msf.org)

  21. SN says:

    Only one charity 😉
    I’d send my money to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

    Low overhead and a great example of a community taking care of it’s members.

  22. Rick says:

    Wounded Warrior Project

  23. Tim says:

    Wounded Warrior Shoot Group

  24. Haji says:

    There are many worthy ones that are doing great things. My choice for today is Task Force Dagger Foundation (TFDF).

  25. Dc says:

    The Green Beret Foundation

  26. Citizen says:

    Salvation Army

  27. William says:

    I always give my donations to St. Jude. We have known several close friends who have received care that would not have been able to afford to do so, and we know that all money goes directly to the patients and to childcare healthcare that is provided there.

  28. Jeff says:

    Special Operations Warrior Foundation without a doubt

  29. Jackson Stramler says:

    Warrior Dog Foundation

  30. Strike-Hold says:

    Mines Action Group.

  31. N says:

    International Anti-Poaching Foundation


    Founded by a former Australian SOF Sniper with 12 deployments to Iraq. They use military tactics and train local rangers in tracking, ambush, camouflage and concealment, and other skills necessary to combat armed poachers and protect critically endangered animals.

  32. Bluenoser says:

    True Patriot Love

  33. DK says:

    k9s for warriors

  34. brian says:

    Harriman Miller Green Beret Organization

  35. jdodso3 says:

    Pat Tillman Foundation

  36. Pat says:

    Helping Hands. Service Monkeys, they give trained monkeys to servicemen who do to injuries cant get around.

  37. Mike says:

    Wounded Warriors Canada.

  38. White Dynamite says:

    Wounded Warrior Project

  39. Trevor says:

    Wounded Warriors

  40. Thomper says:

    Nice hat. Here’s my choice:


  41. PucKviruS says:

    RM Pyles Boys Camp. Get them while they are young

  42. Ben L says:

    Green Beret Foundation

  43. Ron says:

    EOD Wounded Warrior Foundation


  44. Alexander says:

    Wyakin Warrior Foundation


  45. SG5 says:

    Team Rubicon Global

  46. Class03180S says:

    The EOD Warrior Foundation is also my favorite.