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Tac Apps – Range Rings: New Map-Based Ballistics Calculator from Kopis Mobile

Range Rings by Kopis Mobile is meant to be used when a shooter needs to quickly determine ballistics solutions in a number of directions, for multiple landmarks, instantaneously. This gives the shooter a quick mental reference as he moves between shots quickly. Other ballistics apps only provide a single shot solution.

Range Rings

When you start the app, your location is found and ballistics solutions are calculated based on the most recent weapon and weather information. The solutions, in the form of distance and drop, are then displayed in rings overlaid on a map of the immediate area.

You can add and edit your weapons configurations via the Weapons tab.

Weather (wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity) is automatically downloaded and used in the calculations, or edited manually on the Weather tab.

The appearance of the rings, including their units, color, spacing, and distance covered is all managed on the Settings tab.

Range Rings is available for iOS at

Kopis Mobile welcomes your feedback about additional features or problems. More information about Kopis Mobile can be found at

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7 Responses to “Tac Apps – Range Rings: New Map-Based Ballistics Calculator from Kopis Mobile”

  1. SN says:

    Android solution in the near future?

  2. +1 on Android solution!

    This looks pretty awesome.

  3. Mike Nomad says:

    +2 for an Android solution.

  4. Halon330 says:

    Agree that an Android version would be useful, or at least allow me the opportunity to use. Looks fairly intuitive. I would find this more useful on a tablet than phone, solely for the purpose of the detail able to be seen on the larger screen. Dug through and couldn’t find any information on their site. It would be interesting to see if this works without internet connectivity. I see that weather data can be entered manually, but no mention if sat imagery can be preloaded for the are you are in. I also couldn’t find if ballistic data is calculated on the fly by the device, or if information is sent to backend, then solutions sent back to device. These are all factors that would effect the usefulness of this app. Many of the ranges I frequent, especially those with long range capabilities are outside of reliable cellular service, or in a tactical situation, you may not be in a locale that connectivity is available, or that constant transmission of this solution may not be possible for security reasons.

  5. PLiner says:

    I’ve played with it for a few minutes and so far I am not impressed.

    It failed to pinpoint my location accurately despite being outside with 5 bars signal. The result is a range wheel overlaid on a point on the map no where near my position.

    It has no option to switch to meters vs yards.

    No preloaded WIN 300 or 338 rounds. When I manually added them in with the info the dope it spit out past 1000m was off considerably. I used Coldbore and Field Firing Solutions to check the data it spit out. It was off enough that it would result in a miss at the farther distances.

    Overall, the concept is cool but the usefulness and practicality of it doesn’t warrant the price tag IMHO when you can get programs like Ballistic AE, IStrelok and Shooter on your phone/tablet for a lot less money and have far more ability to customize and most importantly, have it spit out accurate dope. Hopefully they will continue to work on this and it’ll get better but for now, save the $30 and wait for the next version is my advice.

  6. PLiner says:

    I forgot to mention that it also has no option to switch from MOA to MIL. So if you are like most people and are running MiL/MiL turrets you are hosed. The options it gives you are “inches” “MOA” and “Speed” as in fps to choose from on the dope that is displayed on the overlay.