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FirstSpear Offering Carrier + Ballistic Plate Sets

Due to recent demand for armor carriers complete with plates, FirstSpear has launched a new Military/Law Enforcement-only section that currently features First On and Strandhögg armored carriers paired with FirstSpear Ballistic Plates.


I am a big fan of the First On which was developed as a low cost carrier for Active Shooter Response. These days, every law enforcement officer wears soft armor. The First On carries your hard plates as well as rudimentary gear such as ammunition and first aid items. During an Active shooter call or when entering a known hostile environment the First On can be rapidly thrown over your duty soft armor. It incorporates FS TUBES as closures which facilitate rapid donning and doffing. Finally, the First On features Velcro fields for identification.

FS_FirstOn_back and side

The new First Ons are currently available in Black and Coyote. By popular demand, FS is now offering the First On with a Med Pouch and your choice of a FirstSpear standalone Level III or IV ballistic plates (set of two).


For those looking for a more feature rich carrier, I’d suggest you check out the Strandhögg which incorporates comfort padding and 6/12 mounting technology. It is compatible with both legacy MOLLE pouches as well as the FS line of 6/12 pouches which allows you to have more control of load configuration. Strandhöggs are available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, and Multicam.


FirstSpear Ballistic Plate Offerings with First On and Strandhögg

Blitz: Level IV Standalone – NIJ Standard 0101.06
– light AP protection (5.56x45mm-M855)
– advanced ceramic/composite design
– multi shot rated
-9lbs per plate

Patrol: Level III Standalone – NIJ Standard 0101.06
-100% polyethylene
-Neutrally buoyant
-multi shot rated

Available immediately to Government, Law Enforcement, and Military only.



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  1. MMT says:

    I would love to see more on their cummerbund floatation system. That in itself would be pretty cool to learn about