NRA Life Of Duty – Radiological Sabotage Trailer

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It’s imperative that America’s 100 nuclear reactors remain impenetrable. The National Composite Adversary Force is working to strengthen security in nuclear power plants—by breaking into them.


3 Responses to “NRA Life Of Duty – Radiological Sabotage Trailer”

  1. Casey says:

    Col. North is incorrect regarding the current administration being anti-nuclear. In addition to the new reactors he mentioned were being built in South Carolina, there are two more currently under construction at Vogtle in Georgia. If issuing operating licenses for four new units for the first time since the seventies makes Obama anti-nuclear, I have to wonder what the colonel would consider pro-nuclear.

    As a member of the commercial nuclear security industry, I disagree that the sites are “incredibly hard targets,” but there are much softer targets out there (such as chemical plants or relatively unsecured power grid infrastructure) which are probably more appealing terrorism targets. That said, even an unsuccessful attack against a nuclear site would have some pretty significant consequences, at least as far as public perception goes.

  2. Vince says:

    Agree there are much better targets out there like Disneyland but then again, I also agree that it only takes one legit nuclear security event to cause a complete breakdown of public confidence in the ability to protect a site, regardless of the severity or outcome of the attack. DBT still has a long way to go to be more realistic in nature and until then, it’s called “drill space.” Not “real space.” CAF and some sites’ AVT’s are the best at what they do but can only hold the industry to the DBT standard. Read “minimum” standard. Brothers, keep up the good fight taking Target Sets and see you all at the next FOF conference!