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Authorization For 75th Ranger Regt To Wear OCP

Due to reader interest, we’ve posted the G1 memorandum authorizing the wear of OCP in Garrison for members of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Please note, it also authorizes the wear of combat clothing.

Authorization for wear of combat uniforms

15 Responses to “Authorization For 75th Ranger Regt To Wear OCP”

  1. Strike-Hold says:

    Great – now they should also authorize it for the 82nd and the 173rd too.

    • SSD says:

      Why stop there? USASOC writ large waived off as I understand it saying they weren’t quite ready yet to implement.

      • Stiggy says:

        173rd has a company equipped with OCP for an upcoming rotation to Turkey. Saw it with my own eyes, and couldn’t believe it. The rest of the brigade is slated to be equipped with it in early 2015.

        Now will we be able to wear it in garrison? No idea, probably not till big army makes a call. But knowing it’ll be in the closet for the field is progress at least. The rotations to the Baltics were a giant mix of OCP and UCP, 173rd notably in UCP and 1st Cav in OCP. I even saw one major with sewn name tapes and all. I don’t know what’s going on conus, but oconus the switch seems to be in progress.

      • Strike-Hold says:

        Not saying they should stop there – just that they should hurry up and get there. 😉

  2. 32sbct says:

    I think the positive item here is that they are also authorizing the FR version of the uniform. I think this is a preview of what the wear policy will be when it is published for the rest of the force.

  3. Aaron says:

    Notice Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage, not Operational Camouflage Pattern.

    • SSD says:

      Yeah, but they call it OCP. I’ve noticed a few things coming out of DA Staff that way. I’m not sure they got the memo on the dropped “Operation Emduring Freedom”.

  4. Mike B. says:

    I was talking about this to a COL. two weeks ago at a BSA weekend. He was in Logistics, and told me that EUropean based troops would get it before CONUS based units due to the possibility of sctions in the reagon. ie, 173d already has been issued, along with 1CAV units in the east etc..

    • SSD says:

      Aside from the 75th Ranger Regiment no one will receive an OCP issue for clothing bag items. The army is doing this the old-fashioned way. You’ll be buying your uniforms. You won’t see OCIE in scorpion for several years.

    • Stiggy says:

      We (173rd) haven’t been issued Scorpion OCP. We along with 1/1 Cav were issued Multicam OCP. The same stuff that’s been issued through RFI since 2010.