Announcing the Salomon Forces Range

We’ve been chomping at the bit to tell you about the upcoming Salomon Forces Range. Coming Spring 2015, this new line is focused specifically on the the same folks that read SSD. Military and LE professionals have been wearing Salomons for years thanks in part, to the hard work of the team at Über Group. Now, Salomon is concentrating its efforts to provide the colors and styles you need. We’ve even given you a sneak peek of prototypes of the kinds of footwear you’ll be seeing with this launch.



Salomon was born in the French Alps in 1947, with a passion for mountain sport progression and product development. And while it has grown into a global leader in mountain and outdoor sports markets, its dedication to quality, innovation and craftsmanship reflect the progressive mountain heritage that remains at its heart. With countless patented innovations and iconic products from skiing to hiking to trail running, the Salomon brand has become synonymous with mountain sports progression.

For 20 years, Salomon innovations have revolutionized the footwear market. Building upon its mountain heritage, Salomon has developed these innovations through experience in hiking, adventure racing, and trail running. As more and more militaries are already wearing the Salomon shoes, the brand decided to bring their iconic fit and performance to products dedicated to the specific needs of military, safety, and law enforcement professionals.

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Soldiers and professionals need dedicated equipment to operate in hostile environments, beginning with footwear. In addition to year-round comfort, outstanding traction in changing terrain, footwear for military and law enforcement must be stable, durable enough for intense conditions, and provide complete weather protection. Salomon’s line of Forces Footwear for 2015 includes specific versions of some of our highest performance models, dedicated to the needs of professionals in the field.


35 Responses to “Announcing the Salomon Forces Range”

  1. MtMedic says:


  2. D says:

    Quest 4D with eyelets instead of hooks? Yes please.

  3. KRS says:

    Do you know if they will be available in all black for us that are in LE?

    • SSD says:

      Yes, there are several murdered out models.

    • mike says:

      We have the XA Pro 3D Mid GTX Forces in all black in our shop. 757-227-6757 if you’d like more info.

      I’m going to have to give it up DK and company; I didn’t think Salomon would ever budge on the reflectors and bright pop colors but we went from the camo XA Pro, to the blackout, and now we have a whole slough of solid colors, no reflectors, and removing the external eyelets on the Quest. That had to take some steady pestering to accomplish and I hope it pans out well for Salomon so they keep it up!

  4. Brearly Mason says:

    Those eyelets will be the first to let go…

  5. Colin says:


  6. FG42 says:

    Can hardly wait

  7. RayForest says:

    Please if u are listening Salomon American cops want blackout Quest 4D boots for uniform wear.

  8. Lee says:

    Will these be coming out in brown for uk troops can’t wait ?

  9. Tactical Distributors says:

    We have to hand it to Salomon. It’s great when a company the size of Salomon listens to it’s end users. We have had the honor to be a stocking dealer of Salomon for almost 5 years. We can’t wait until Forces hits our store!!

  10. Rich275 says:

    I have two pairs of Quests that I’ve worn hiking over the past three years, but just bought a pair of black, Danner DFA’s for LE work. Looking forward to a pair of all black Quests.

  11. Lasse says:

    Oh fuck yesss!

  12. Mike says:

    Salomon, if you are still listening, how about some wider widths please? A bit more selection of 2E/4E would open up a lot more of the marketplace.

    • Todd says:

      I totally hear where your coming from Mike. There isn’t a lot of love for people with wide feet.

  13. Will M says:

    Non GTX please!!!
    If they had the 4ds with no GTX I know a bunch of dudes that would definately but them

  14. TominVA says:

    Happy for those on active duty who may get to wear them. I’m a committed Salomon fan. Learned about the Quest on this site. Amazingly comfortable and supportive boots!

  15. MM says:

    I’ve been fortunate (thanks to Uber Group) to preview and wear a couple of the new models since August. Both in tan, and no GTX.

  16. Claudandus says:

    What was wrong with the removed photo?

  17. This is awesome – all the hype about my Forces XA Mids being “limited edition” never sat right with me. I’m glad to know I’ll be able to replace them when they wear out without having to buy an extra pair NOW.

  18. JS says:

    any release date on these?

  19. Das says:

    Can someone please list which of the models will be available in Forces. So far…

    Salomon Quest 4D GTX
    Salomon Pro 3D Mid GTX (already available)

    Anything else – and do you have release dates? Thanks!