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Crimson Trace To Release Newest Laserguard

Crimson Trace has announced the LG-360G, a Laserguard designed for S&W M&P pistols. The full release can be read below:

LG-360 for S&W

(Wilsonville, OR) — Crimson Trace, America’s leading brand in laser sighting systems and tactical lights for firearms, will soon release the LG-360G –a new Laserguard® equipped with a powerful Crimson Trace green laser. This Laserguard is engineered to perfectly fit over the trigger guard and rail system of the popular S&W M&P full-size and compact pistols, and it features Crimson Trace’s Instinctive Activation™ with a pressure sensitive touch pad under the trigger guard. The new LG-360G will also provide the user with a master on/off switch to permit user preferences on when the laser can be engaged—or disengaged.

The Laserguard LG-360G features a unique set of inset scallops that match the in-the-metal patterns found along a portion of the pistol’s slide. Those scallops, along with seamless integration, combine to make the new LG-360G have a factory-built appeal and appearance. This new Laserguard will also permit windage and elevation adjustments that can be easily accomplished with the provided tools. This laser sight can be easily installed by the buyer in a few minutes without any special gunsmithing tools, and it will be covered under Crimson Trace’s popular Free Batteries for Life program.

The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for the LG-360G will be $299.



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  1. tazman66gt says:

    Would be nice if they would make the grips for the gen 4 glock 20/21and 29/30.