Primary Arms Odyssey 2023

Maker Monday – S&S Precision’s Manta Strobe

The Manta Strobe is a helmet mounted multi-spectrum light emitter optimized for Military Operations. Their design goals: keep it simple for the end user, provide the highest level of performance through “Select” Electronic components combined with smart programming for highest output and extended battery life.

-Zero overt light AD
-100% user confidence in Infrared Mode with Vibrating feedback
-Intuitive One-handed operation
-Multiple Infrared and Overt LEDs generate an overlapping and omnidirectional light emission
-Curved base specifically for helmets
-Lightest weight and lowest profile in its power class
-Tool-less battery change out, 3V CR-123
-Downward (”Low”) facing Infrared Emitter (positive IFF for close in work with minimal glare)
-Upward (“High”) facing Infrared Emitters (multiple emitters delivering a peak IR signal for maximum distance)
-IPX8 = Manufacturer Rated – Waterproof 150’, Zero water penetration in Main Housing or Partitioned Battery Compartment
-Primary Overt LED/s are visible beyond the FAR105.19 requirement (3 Statute Miles)

The Manta Strobe is available through DLA, DOD EMall, TLS, & GSA with the following National Stock Number/s(NSN):
MS-0011 NSN# 6210016298285
MS-0015 NSN# 6230016302690

‘Proudly Made in the 757’

Manta Strobe


3 Responses to “Maker Monday – S&S Precision’s Manta Strobe”

  1. Nick says:

    This is pretty standard piece of kit that a lot of people utilize nowadays. However, I think that S&S rushed it out the door. I have had to change the tail caps on this thing three separate times with the promise that, “This one will be the one man”. I could go on but this isn’t the forum. It is a great concept but, I think helstar or even the ‘ol ms-2000 is a better strobe.

  2. Evan says:

    Been using mine for years. Simple, easy to use without taking it off my helmet because of that vibrator you guys put in there, haha. I’m pretty rough on gear and haven’t had to replace anything except the batteries. Quality.

  3. Mike says:

    The Manta has pretty much been money since the word go. S&S customer service absolutely knocked it out with a very small batch of tailcaps that were a little quirky but the unit still performed. Years later, my original Manta is still about as critical a piece of gear as my NODs for low light jumping. The illumination level is perfect; bright enough to see it well at over 2k & just right when in a tight stack. For the weight, the ease of use (even while wearing 4 season insulated mittens) and the customer service at S&S, it’s one of things you come to depend on so much I forget it’s there.