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EMDOM USA – Emdom Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch


Emdom’s Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch is a universal rifle magazine pouch, designed to hold nearly any rifle magazine of various capacities. It utilizes elastic loops which are fully user adjustable and replaceable, as well as a foam insert which provides tension and an internal hypalon lining for additional retention. The Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch is MOLLE/PALS compatible, and comes with two MALICE clips.


Available in Black, Coyoteish 500D, Foliage Green, MultiCam, Sewer Green, and SDU Grey, as well as a variety of custom colors.


5 Responses to “EMDOM USA – Emdom Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch”

  1. Casey says:

    And the award for best product name of 2014 goes to…

  2. Luke says:

    Before I watched the video I was just seeing another tacoesque pouch, but a lot of thought went into this. I see the 5-row back and double mag features being popular, but it will be an uphill battle to gain market share…though with a name like that they just might stand a chance.

  3. CRH says:

    Wow… Nothing screams credibility like having a chris costa loving air softer demo your product in front of a bed sheet, also I don’t know whats worse the product name…congrats on alienating and insulting all your potential female customers…***NEWS FLASH WOMEN SHOOT GUNS TOO**** …Or that its a another Taco rip off…Don’t support parasitic products!

    • Mobious says:

      Yeahhh, Taco is a fun name and I like Emdom’s products and their work and all but this is kind of a dumb decision