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Gaston J. Glock style LP Releases Rough GTX Coat And Pants Designed By Chevalier

Chevalier, designers of the exclusive Rough GTX outerwear for GASTON J. GLOCK style LP, is a leading international designer and manufacturer of classic and modern hunting clothes since 1950.

Smyrna, Ga. (December 2014) – GASTON J. GLOCK style LP, purveyors of fine quality hunting and shooting sports apparel and accessories, is pleased to announce the recent addition of the Rough GTX Coat and Pants for both men and women to its hunting apparel line.

The Rough GTX Coat and Pants are made in Poland where hunters know a thing or two about unpredictable weather and harsh temperatures. Chevalier included a wind and water repellent Gore-Tex® membrane to keep the wearer dry and warm during the harshest downpours and a mesh lining to transport sweat and moisture away from the body. A convenient two-way zipper on the Rough GTX Coat allows the wearer to unzip the coat from the bottom, providing more freedom of movement and comfort in various positions.


The Rough GTX Coat, ideally suited for both stalking game and blind/stand hunting, is made of a resistant, roughened and reinforced polyester creating a robust, scratchproof hunting jacket. The Rough GTX Pants have sturdy reinforcements on the front of the legs and strong, yet light, outer fabric on the back and top to protect hunters and dog handlers from thorny undergrowth and low-hanging branches that they’ll encounter while stalking or flushing out their prey. Chevalier’s attention to detail includes draw strings on the coat waist and seam, as well as pre-bent knees and an elasticated waist on the pants, allowing the clothing to perfectly conform to the wearer’s body, ensuring the best possible fit, comfort and freedom of movement. The Rough GTX Pants have additional buttons at the waistband which allow for suspenders to be added if desired, while strap closures at the pant hemline allow the huntsman or woman to adjust the leg width in accordance with their footwear.

The Rough GTX Coat and Pants come with thoughtfully designed pockets for all of the wearer’s hunting needs. For example, the coat comes with two bellows chest pockets with cartridge holders that can hold up to five cartridges each. Chevalier and GASTON GLOCK style LP have also incorporated smaller storage pockets for cellphones and GPS devices and even an inner pocket for secure storage of wallet and driver’s license in the coat. There are also two large, lined hand-warming pockets at chest level and a pocket comprising the length of the jacket in the back for stowage of small game. The pants also have many practical zippered pockets that provide ample storage space, such as two slit side pockets with elastic pleats, two large side pockets on the outer thighs, a patch pocket with Velcro closure on the right thigh and a slot pocket on the back left leg.


The Men’s Rough GTX Coat is available in olive for purchase on the website for $689.00 and comes in sizes S – 3XL. The Men’s Rough GTX Pants are also available in olive on the website for $459.00 and come in a variety of sizes in both stocky fit and regular fit. The Ladies’ Rough GTX Coat is available in olive for purchase on the website for $689.00 and comes in sizes XS-3XL. The Ladies’ Rough GTX Pants in olive can be found on the website for $459.00 and come in U.S. sizes 4-16.


12 Responses to “Gaston J. Glock style LP Releases Rough GTX Coat And Pants Designed By Chevalier”

  1. joe says:

    Is it just me or has SSD gone from Gucci gear to straight Gucci. I mean with this and that acronym fashion stuff and all.

    Keep it real, if your Ave Joe Snuffy can’t get it, afford it, or be issued it, it’s not really “soldier” systems now is it?

    • SSD says:

      SSD isn’t written for PVT Snuffy but he’s more than welcome to read it.

      I’ll make sure I tell the MARSOC Sniper I was with earlier today that was wearing a Beretta shooting coat that he can’t wear it.

      If we followed your guidelines, then we’d write about pretty much nothing.

  2. Aidan says:

    I’d like to point out how similar this looks to the Russian Gorka Suit.

    • Mobious says:

      Same here, the pants got my attention for that but at that price range I’d just get a set of Gorkas

  3. Rogue Male says:

    Does anyone know how “noisy” the material is? Natural fibre stalking kit normally has the edge on GTX in that regard.

  4. Brian says:

    Is it made with Kevlar? Or gold thread? Or is it Level IV Stand-Alone apparel?

  5. D says:

    The Gaston J. Glock Style brand lost me last year with their bullshit eye training software.

    It’s not that these clothes are expensive, it’s that their fugly AND expensive.

  6. Luke says:

    So. many. zippers.

  7. Jeff S says:

    Is this even meant for sale in the US? Looks like something you’d see in a fancy hunting store in Germany or Austria…

  8. Reverend says:

    Don’t worry, Bass Pro, or Cabelas is reading this release right now, and setting lil’ Asian hands to making knock-offs. Not as GOOD, but knock-offs none-the-less.

  9. Rwalk says:

    These pants will be all the rage for iPhone 6+ owners

  10. Taylor says:

    I’ve never needed more than two rounds big game hunting, so space for ten seems a little much… as well as the hundred other pockets sewn on. I would also get laughed out of the hunting cabin if I came in dressed like a Germanic aristocrat.