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EOTech Is Introducing Two New Weapon Sights, Discontinuing Older Models

EOTech 518 558

EOTech recently sent out a letter to their distributors announcing two new Holographic Weapon Sights, the 518 and 558. These sights combine the AA battery compatibility of the 512 with the side buttons and quick detach mounting base of the EXPS models. With this change, EOTech is halting production of the 556, 553BLK, 553TAN, 516, and 517 sights. Additionally, the Zombie Stopper line is also being discontinued for 2015. The full announcement can be read below:

Holographic Weapon Sight Program Changes

Dear EOTech Distributors,

EOTech is proud to announce the introduction of the Model 518 and 558 Holographic Weapon Sights. These models blend the advantages of the 512 and its AA batteries with the side buttons and quick detach mounting base of the EXPS models. These new offerings will allow EOTech to streamline production and will replace the 556, 553BLK, 553TAN, 516 and 517. Effective immediately, EOTech will not be accepting new orders for Model 553 (Black and Tan), 556, 516, and 517 Holographic Weapon Sights. All orders that have been placed with EOTech to date will be filled and no changes to these orders are expected. We are providing advance notice of these product line changes in order for your company to adjust its future product purchasing plans.

We request that you carefully review these changes and notify your buyers and purchasing teams so no additional orders for these items are placed. Additionally, effective 12/03/2014, MAP restrictions on these discontinued models will be lifted to assist you in the movement of any remaining inventory.

The EOTech Zombie Stopper and Zombie Stopper 2 will no longer be available as part of the 2015 program. Orders for these items can still be submitted and they will be filled until existing inventory is depleted.

EOTech will continue to provide exceptional customer service and warranty support on all of the discontinued products as per the contact information provided in the literature included with every EOTech item.

If you have questions and would like to discuss the changes noted above or if you need information about adding new items to your program, please contact your EOTech sales representative directly and they will provide additional information and options.

We appreciate your understanding and assistance in helping us, to help you, minimize the impact of this product discontinuation on your company. We also thank you for your continued support and success of the EOTech product line.


7 Responses to “EOTech Is Introducing Two New Weapon Sights, Discontinuing Older Models”

  1. straps says:

    Note to EO:

    While it’s heartening to hear that there aren’t enough dumbasses out there to sustain the biohazard reticles, please re-think the decision on the 553. Fantastic sight (best reliability of any of the post-L3 sights), great battery life.

    • Alex says:

      Sorry but I’m going to have to disagree with that. EXPS, XPS are by far the most durable.

      Also those ARMS mounts… probably paying $ to use them so dropping the 553 probably means that we’ll see a double CR123 in the future except with the new Eotech lever mount.

      Also happy to see that the zombie shit is going away. BUT what’s next?

  2. That Blue Falcon says:

    Best news of the decade – no more zombie crap!

    • Jon, OPT says:

      Perhaps they learned brands using Zombie marketing are being blacklisted by deparents and agencies, or they just realized dumb shit is only fun until it costs upward of $500.

      Jon, OPT