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Sneak Peak – Salomon Forces Speedcross 3 In Black

Speedcross 3

Here’s a sneak peak of the Speedcross 3 Forces shoe, part of the upcoming Salomon Forces line. The main changes to the Speedcross 3 for the Forces line includes the removal of all the reflective pieces of the shoe and the black/black/autobahn colorway which is more inclined for a tactical environment when compared to the standard variant.

Stay tuned for more info on this and other footwear in the Salomon Forces line.

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15 Responses to “Sneak Peak – Salomon Forces Speedcross 3 In Black”

  1. mike says:

    Better. It’s definitely better than previous black models. Looks like when these arrive in the shop I’ll finally have to cave to the Speedcross.

  2. Cff.Griff says:

    Speedcross+Mattock socks = Happy Feet.

    Happy to see a non reflective pair hit the market.

  3. JS says:

    Looks great, looking forward to these and the Forces release.

  4. Tanner says:

    Do these fit true to size? Been thinking about picking up a pair of the black and grey ones.

    • Justin M. says:

      They fit pretty close. After a wearing out a few pairs of Salomons that going up a half size (across the line) makes your feet more comfortable when your feet start to swell (during warming months/after hitting the trails).

      These shoes are awesome and have excellent traction. Just keep in mind that the soles wear slightly faster due to a different rubber compound than your traditional active shoes (XR Mission etc.). Definitely worth it.

    • mike says:

      “true to size” is a terribly subjective and useless comparison since it’s all personal opinion. These fit very much like other Salomons in the line, but the narrow toe box is slightly less bothersome because the toe box on the Speedcross is a little less rigid and constrictive than other styles.

      • Gear Guy says:

        I agree completely with this. For me, they fit really good everywhere but in the toe box, where they are slightly shorter than other brands in the same size. of course every company’s last is slightly different. In saying that, I still love them and will be picking up a couple more pairs when these and the tan/brown ones show up.

    • MED says:

      Like the others mentioned, it’s subjective. However I will tell you that several others and I find the speed cross to fit more snug and generally smaller than other salomon shoes. I order a half size larger than my normal shoe in all Salomons, but a full size larger in speedcross. I feel it’s especially helpful when hauling arse downhill – your toes don’t cram into the toe box.

  5. jack says:

    My advice would be that you go at least one size above your usual shoe size. I do a 10 and have some great fitting size 11.5 speedcross (11 would have been just fine though)

  6. saimin says:

    Yeah, these run a bit narrow and that gets a lot of people. I’ve had mine for about a year and while I don’t mind the tighter feel, I probably should have gone a half size up from my normal

  7. Chucker says:

    +1 on the other Commenters’ advice on size. I mail ordered my first pair of Salomons (XA 3D Ultra) and simply ordered my regular size 10. While they fit fine, they feel better with a very thin sock. My other boots feel like big soft slippers after I’ve worn my Salomons for a while.

  8. Maponus says:

    This is a great shoe. Traction is best-in-class vs innov8, etc. I am on 5th pair. It performs best as a running/approach (better wet rock adherence than XApro3D IMHO) in mountainous terrain more suited to those carrying little or just the basics with an assault/day-type pack and equip [again, IMHO]. Heel to toe is a bit steep for flatlanders/crossfitters who are into the zero drop/neutral sole trend. Speedcross is geared for incline/decline mvmt and trail running where the slightly raised heel eases the stretch on the achilles/calf (similar principle to a rando/tele binding heel elevator), and provides impact cushioning on the trip down. If you’ve seen someone try to wear barefoot-style or zero-drop shoes in the mtns: it’s adverse for most though a few iron-footed masochists roll this way.. They are slightly more narrow than XAPro3D or Quest 4D in the forefoot and I concur with others above to size up .5-1 if your forefoot is anything but narrow and/or you will be using aftermarket insole, the oem insole is on the soft side but works great. The rubber cleats work great in snow, mud and scree but wear down quickly with any use on pavement. Outsole is relatively soft, light and flexible rubber, it does not provide any special forefoot rigidity/protection against pointed rocks like some mountain running/approach shoes. Not really an approach shoe in intent perhaps, but climbs rock surprisingly well. Shoe fabric is relatively wind/wxproof and does a good job keeping dust and sand out as long as you’re not in deep/over the laces soft sand. These dry out very quickly, fabric seems hydrophobic and they gain only minimal water-weight e.g. a good combo with mattock drysock for moving fast/light through wet slush mix. Cord lace system is rock solid, eyelets are more rugged than XApro3D and have had zero issues with them wearing through. Long-winded review but tried to cover pros/cons of a great shoe that I’ve worn for a few years and heard (nearly all positive) when worn by varied users following unit-wide purchases.

  9. Mike says:

    I really do hope at least some of the Forces models come in a wide. It’s very frustrating to see so many shoes come out that a lot of never have a chance to try.

    • mike says:

      Adidas makes a number of shoes that are similar to Salomon and have wider toe boxes (which is why I’m wearing an Adidas Terrex instead of an XA PRO or similar) and also have wide sizes. I wouldn’t could on Salomon rushing into the wide market, though there are a number of shoes on the horizon that are built on a wider last.

  10. Justin says:

    XA Pro Mid GTX Blackout
    – I would like to see a pair of these with non gortex. generally speaking the only time I can get away with wearing these is in the field and if i’m wearing them chances are it because i know am going to get wet. (i do like the Gortex so do not get rid of that!)
    – Also, the Canadian Armed Forces along with most of the western Military’s are doing away with black boots, a flat Coyote brown/ brown color would be even better. some of the multicam colors have to much going on.

    XA Pro 3D/ 3D ultra2
    – I would like to see these resemble the Speedcross 3 Forces shoe. do away will all reflextive surfaces. nothing attracts the RSM or CSM’s eye better then reflective surfaces!