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Viewpoint Tactical Magazine Issue 1 Now Available


Viewpoint Tactical Magazine is a free online tactical magazine. It promises to be the most diverse tactical magazine in the industry, with articles from all corners of the tactical community.

This first issue covers the following topics:

  • TACMED Training: The Real Deal
  • Gates of Fire
  • The Story of Medal of Honor recipient Sammy L. Davis
  • Russia Israel: The Proxy War
  • Cyber TCSM
  • When LEDET meets Legend
  • Dick Kramer Interview
  • SAWMAN talks Rhinos
  • Shoot-Move-Communicate
  • and much more
  • You can read it here: issuu.com/viewpointtactical/docs/viewpoint_tactical_1dec14?e=14637418/10413609


    3 Responses to “Viewpoint Tactical Magazine Issue 1 Now Available”

    1. Weaver says:

      I had the honor to meet SFC Davis at BNCOC, and to hear his tale first hand. Reading it again in this magazine reminded me what a simply stunning, never-quit devotion to duty he had – and how incredible his actions were, especially when contrasted with the language of his citation.

    2. Stick says:

      There seems to be a few of these popping up, this one seems to be pretty credible and well done.

    3. JDT says:

      I enjoyed this read. The content seems to be high-quality; however, there needs to be more editing of the articles prior to publication. There are many grammatical and typographical errors that undermine an otherwise professional-looking publication. But for the price I really should not be complaining.