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Gearward – FireBox Mini Firestarting Kit

Gearward FireBox

The Gearward firebox is a miniature fire starting kit designed to fit in a pocket or survival tin. It contains 20 pieces of Fire Cord waterproof tinder, a 2″ mischmetal firesteel, and an ultra-hard alumina ceramic striker, all in a container roughly the size of a Zippo. Its primary function is as a backup fire starter, in case a primary and/or secondary firestarter fails.

Fire Starting kits vs FireBox

Above, you can see the FireBox (far left) compared in size to a Spark-lite, Zippo Emergency fire starter, magnesium bar, and Light My Fire fire steel. The video below shows the FireBox in action:

FireBox is Made in the USA out of US, Canadian, and German Components.



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  1. Luke says:

    This guy really understands the importance of good packaging. can’t wait to see what he puts out next.

    keep up the good work!