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HemiSERE is a Titanium Lapel Knife by Gearward

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

HemiSERE is a modernized version of the OSS Lapel Knife made of a Titanium/Ceramic composite.

Because the knife only weighs 4 grams, it can be attached directly to the collar with a “glue dot;” unlike other “lapel knives,” the HemiSERE really can be worn on the lapel 😉 At 1mm thick, it can also be stuck to a credit card, or slipped into a phone case. And of course it can also be integrated into a mini SERE kit.

Gearward – Watch Flashlight

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Watch light watches

The Watch Flashlight is the latest product from Gearward. It consists of a Photon II Pro LED light with a modified attachment clip designed to attach to a watchband, and two sets of mini & micro ranger bands for added retention. The intent behind the Watch Flashlight is to offer users a hands-free EDC light with the benefits of a headlamp in a compact package.


4.5 Lumen light with 18 hour runtime
IPX-7 Waterproof (swim and shower safe)
Universal mount attaches securely to all types of watches
Keeps both hands free for working, similar to a headlamp

watch flashlight lock pick

Watch Flashlight is Made in the USA.

Gearward – FireBox Mini Firestarting Kit

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Gearward FireBox

The Gearward firebox is a miniature fire starting kit designed to fit in a pocket or survival tin. It contains 20 pieces of Fire Cord waterproof tinder, a 2″ mischmetal firesteel, and an ultra-hard alumina ceramic striker, all in a container roughly the size of a Zippo. Its primary function is as a backup fire starter, in case a primary and/or secondary firestarter fails.

Fire Starting kits vs FireBox

Above, you can see the FireBox (far left) compared in size to a Spark-lite, Zippo Emergency fire starter, magnesium bar, and Light My Fire fire steel. The video below shows the FireBox in action:

FireBox is Made in the USA out of US, Canadian, and German Components.

Gearward Ranger Bands

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Ranger Bands vs Gearward

Gearward has just released their own custom run of EPDM Ranger Bands. Made out of double thickness EPDM rubber, these bands feature high heat, UV, and saltwater resistance.

Ranger Band Minimalist Wallet

The 2″ size allows them to be used as a minimalist wallet, although they can easily be stretched over a knife sheath or rifle stock.

Ranger Bands knife survival kit

Like classic Ranger Bands, they also make great waterproof tinder, capable of burning for 3 minutes with a large flame.

Ranger Band waterproof tinder

Made in the USA. Sold as a pack of 20.

Ranger Bands 20 pack

Ceramic Escape Knife from Gearward

Thursday, August 28th, 2014


Seen here with other items, the Ceramic Escape Knife from Gearward makes a great emergency backup knife. The uses are limited but by your imagination.


As you can see, it can be also stored in a wide variety of locations on your clothing, footwear and kit for retrieval and use in the most dire of circumstances. Being ceramic, it’s also not going to set off magnetometers.


A simple storage compartment can easily be created with the aid of the CEK.


-Ceramic blade stays sharp 10x longer than steel
-Will not rust
-1.75″ x 0.4″ closed; 1.25″ cutting edge
-Weighs 2.5 grams – as much as a penny
-Made in Canada

Gearward – Fire Cord Micro

Sunday, July 27th, 2014


Gearward has just released the Fire Cord Micro. Fire Cord Micro consists of a small spool which contains 2 ft. of waterproof 5-strand jute cord that has been saturated in boiling paraffin for 2 hours. The spool is designed to be attached to a firesteel or kept in a survival kit for immediate access to reliable tinder.


Fire Cord Micro is made in the USA. Each pack contains 3 spools.

Gearward – AK Band

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

A-K Band

The Gearward AK Band, short for Anti-Kidnapping Band, is a micro escape kit. Designed to look inconspicuous on any black digital watch band, the AK Band consists of a segment of tube that conceals a ceramic razor blade, universal polymer handcuff key, and a pre-tied 4′ Kevlar friction saw, giving the user the functionality to escape from a variety of restraints including zip ties, handcuffs, and duct tape. The AK Band can be useful as a piece of E&E gear as part of a layered SERE plan.

The AK Band is assembled in the USA out of US and Canadian components.