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Gearward Ranger Bands

Ranger Bands vs Gearward

Gearward has just released their own custom run of EPDM Ranger Bands. Made out of double thickness EPDM rubber, these bands feature high heat, UV, and saltwater resistance.

Ranger Band Minimalist Wallet

The 2″ size allows them to be used as a minimalist wallet, although they can easily be stretched over a knife sheath or rifle stock.

Ranger Bands knife survival kit

Like classic Ranger Bands, they also make great waterproof tinder, capable of burning for 3 minutes with a large flame.

Ranger Band waterproof tinder

Made in the USA. Sold as a pack of 20.

Ranger Bands 20 pack



5 Responses to “Gearward Ranger Bands”

  1. Mike Nomad says:

    Thanks for the word. Just placed my order for two packs.

  2. Tackleberry says:


  3. Fox says:

    These look like something I can use. I have used S.T.R.A.C. bands for many things including the minimalist wallet for years (increases friction keeping it in your pocket) and think these could be an upgrade.

  4. Agentofwrath says:

    I use the hell out of rubber bicycle inner tube. Just my .02 for those on limited funds.

  5. Luke says:

    Gearward has been putting out some good stuff, keep it up!