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Gearward – Watch Flashlight

Watch light watches

The Watch Flashlight is the latest product from Gearward. It consists of a Photon II Pro LED light with a modified attachment clip designed to attach to a watchband, and two sets of mini & micro ranger bands for added retention. The intent behind the Watch Flashlight is to offer users a hands-free EDC light with the benefits of a headlamp in a compact package.


4.5 Lumen light with 18 hour runtime
IPX-7 Waterproof (swim and shower safe)
Universal mount attaches securely to all types of watches
Keeps both hands free for working, similar to a headlamp

watch flashlight lock pick

Watch Flashlight is Made in the USA.


4 Responses to “Gearward – Watch Flashlight”

  1. T.H says:

    I knew I needed to market that two years ago when I was using epoxy to glue the Photon LED’s to my watch band. Son of a Beach, I could have made millions…

  2. Bill says:

    You used epoxy? I glued velcro to the band and watch so I could switch light colors.