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American Gunfighter Episode 4 – John Chapman, LMS Defense – Presented by BCM

BCM is proud to feature long time friend and collaborator John Chapman, of LMS Defense, in episode four of the ongoing “American Gunfighter” series.

John Chapman

John Chapman is the founder and Director of Training at LMS Defense, an international full service training, consulting, business leadership, and weapons system testing firm. Mr Chapman is also the Tactical Applications Manager for Steiner eOptics and Berretta Defense Technologies.

In the past, John has worked as a private security contractor, servicing training and physical security contracts in the public and private sector, both domestically and internationally. Mr Chapman is also a former police Lieutenant, and a currently serving reserve SWAT officer.

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20 Responses to “American Gunfighter Episode 4 – John Chapman, LMS Defense – Presented by BCM”

  1. Mate says:

    I’m glad we have John on our side.

  2. Stephen says:

    Chappy is one of the most intelligent human beings I know. When he has something to say, I listen.

  3. Nick says:

    I’d follow Chappy anywhere, any day, any time.

  4. Petro says:

    Interesting stuff, while I agree with the square range issues, unless they have a strong foundation of the shooting fundamentals they shouldn’t move on. Their shooting skills will always downgrade with sims and live fire. The term “outrunning your headlights” is around for a reason.

  5. Good show as always Brother!

  6. Charlie Mike says:

    I’d never heard of this guy until I read this article so it made me wonder what it takes to be an American Gunfighter. I could name thousands of guys who have more relevant experience and are most likely better shooters than this guy. Other than self promotion, what does it take? He’s got no military experience and doesn’t seem to have ever been on the A team anywhere.

  7. Perplexed says:

    I was wondering that as well. What’s his story? Looks like a guy that wants to play dress up in the gear that real gunfighter said use.

  8. Mike Miksovsky says:

    I was always suprised that he was rolled in with the other BCM Gunfighters. I was aware of his background and LMS, but didn’t seem at the same level as the others. His comments about putting friends in the ground and tying it to their “efficiences” really raised my eyebrow. To say one owns their loss in a gunfight due to inefficient action/weapons manipulation/tactics is not something I’ve ever heard nor agree with. Saying that makes me question what happens in his force on force packages and what experience he has in a “real” gunfight. The factors in fighting vary so much and the enemy always has a “vote.”

    Kudos to HSP for the quality of all of the American Gunfighter videos.

    • Mike Miksovsky says:

      Just want to edit my comment above – I meant the following:

      To say one owns their loss in a gunfight due EXCLUSIVELY to inefficient action/weapons manipulation/tactics is not something I’ve ever heard nor agree with

      • Vincent says:

        You came in last place here is your trophy. Even in death you must still own your own failure.

  9. Matt says:

    Chappy is one of the top instructors in the firearms industry. He understands teaching, not “experience” and being an “entertainer” like many others with a big blind following.

    If you haven’t heard of him, thats because he isn’t about having a bunch of fan boy’s and fan girls, but about teaching the good guys.

    • Cherry_Popper says:

      Not for nuthin’ but if folks aren’t teaching from “experience” where would one get their basis for teaching?

    • Where’s this rating list? Just like this fat bastard I’ve never heard of it either. He looks like he ate Larry Vickers. What’s up with that goofy beard. He comes across as a total tool.
      What’s this crap about teaching with no experience? Watching that video, they are doing some pretty dynamic stuff. Looks like tier 1 fantasy camp.

      • Matt says:

        He has the experience to back up what/why he’s teaching, he just doesn’t have classes that are an “experience” such as the Disneylandesque experience some other big names offer.

        Sorry for the confusion.

        • Experience? Completely overrated says:

          From what I gather he was a small town cop who saw an opportunity to make a little green and became a security contractor. That generally means he guarded a warehouse full of toilet paper and light bulbs for a couple of months. After that he became an instructor teaching other small town cops and civilians how to raid houses and such.

          What is this experience you talk about?

  10. Mitch Lewis says:

    Another wanna be “Operator.”

  11. Ted says:

    “not “experience” and being an “entertainer” like many others with a big blind following.”.

    Nice comment Matt.

    But he is a “Teacher”?

    The whole video is filled with photos from a dress up open enrollment class…..

    • Cherry_Popper says:

      I think this write-up From LAV speaks volumes (unless you think his technique is “Disneylandesque”) . Here is a very valuable quote followed by the link to the compete article.

      “The biggest issue associated with this form of advanced training is that you should seek out instruction from someone that knows what they are doing. As CQB-style training becomes increasingly popular, more and more instructors are going to offer it. Some are excellent and some have no business doing it. One thing to ask a prospective instructor is about his credentials. There is one popular instructor out there who recently began offering this form of training and only started offering it after he attended someone’s else’s course.”

      Same goes for folks teaching explosive breaching when they have never actually done it for a living or trained on it multiple (and by multiple I mean many, many many) times. The term “stay in your lane” comes to mind.