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Gearward – AK Band

A-K Band

The Gearward AK Band, short for Anti-Kidnapping Band, is a micro escape kit. Designed to look inconspicuous on any black digital watch band, the AK Band consists of a segment of tube that conceals a ceramic razor blade, universal polymer handcuff key, and a pre-tied 4′ Kevlar friction saw, giving the user the functionality to escape from a variety of restraints including zip ties, handcuffs, and duct tape. The AK Band can be useful as a piece of E&E gear as part of a layered SERE plan.

The AK Band is assembled in the USA out of US and Canadian components.



8 Responses to “Gearward – AK Band”

  1. jrexilius says:

    I like it. However, as it’s attached to the watch there is no need to compromise with plastic cuff key (the watch would get flagged by metal detector anyways).

    Some good stuff on that site.

  2. Jim says:

    Kidnapper: Ooo that’s a nice shiney watch, I think I’ll have that!

    Victim: oh bugger!

    The end.

  3. m5 says:

    Sold out, damit. ‘Huge thanks to SSD’, they write. Guess I’ll have to order mine next week when they get the next batch.

    (Btw, you could hide the kit in many places, not necessarily just the watchband.)

  4. Reverend says:

    Okay, that’s badazz. I normal don’t like gimmicky things, but that? That could prove useful.

  5. b_a says:

    I like his explanation:
    “One second a prostitute is nibbling on my ear, then boom! The door is kicked in by two men wearing green fatigues…”

  6. Stefan s. says:

    Like the watch wouldn’t be taken. Unless you have a timex.