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SOMA – Combat Ready Tactical Body Tape


Designed to reduce range of motion injuries and support weak muscles, tactical body tape is 50% to 200% wider than commercially available tape. The precut tape pieces


Combat Ready Tape is sold in single-use, premade kits. There are five versions, with precut tape targeted at different body parts.


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11 Responses to “SOMA – Combat Ready Tactical Body Tape”

  1. Canuck says:

    I’ve heard lots of mixed opinion on the effectiveness of these kind of tapes

    Their website has research, but unfortunately access is restricted.

    Does anyone have actual research (not infomercials) to recommend on these? This is presented as a fairly versatile product which, assuming it does hold up to its promises, could certainly be a good product to have on hand.

    • straps says:


    • Danke says:

      You can check out the details here. That’s what I use.

      The of course there’s this

    • Giovani says:

      Strength coach here. I think a large part when finding inconsistency is not only the individual factor, but misapplication. There’s a certain technique to it, and although you could just slap it on, I don’t think it would be nearly as effective. In addition to that, the PT I saw on some microtrauma actually cut rocktape into what could best be described as a skeletal hand shape-that’s something many people wouldn’t know to do just from looking at it.

      Count me in as a believer, but only if the person applying it knows the theory (creating a pressure gradient against the afflicted tissue to reduce inflammation)

  2. I wanted to hate tape. My the muscles in my leg were grossly over developed causing pretty uncomfortable knee pain. My physiotherapist suggested tape. First thing I did was look at my hair leg and think of the discomfort in removing it and the next was wondering how effective this really was. I can honestly say despite me being a massive skeptic it did make things feel somewhat better and make sleeping a bit less painful on my knees. Its kinda like a half ass brace really. Its more comfortable then a brace and less restricting but doesn’t do things as well as one.

  3. Danke says:

    The tape is really an effective tool.

    The pre-cut wraps are a better idea than the generic strips except in a situation where you’re in the bush and can’t predict what limb you’ll be treating.

    I’ll wrap my knee and leave it on through work and exercise, showers and sleep and the tape stays in place till I rip it off. I can wear clothing over top and it won’t come off.

    It’s generations ahead of a tensor bandage.

  4. Giovani says:

    I’d like to know why wider is better. What’s the theory there?

    • Danke says:

      I’d think that if you’re using it outside an office you can cut the wide stuff down if needed but it’s way harder to double up thin strips and match the tension.

  5. Bill says:

    I’m a believer, after experiencing it myself. But, as pointed out, is has to be applied by someone who knows hat they are doing. You just can’t slap it in like a bandaid, there are differing levels of tension at various areas of the application.

    After I’d had enough experience to see the validity, I zhot both stills and videos on my phone, for reference when I do it myself.

  6. Chris says:

    I utilize the KT Tape it has it’s ups and downs it works based on your exercise you do. I use it before sparring for Jiu Jitsu and comes off, but if i use it for weight lifting it stays on. Now this will be beneficial to the military aspect if the medical provider knows how to use it.