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Hardcore Hardware Australia – MFK GEN II Series Knives

MFK02 1

New for 2015, Hardcore Hardware Australia has introduced the MFK GEN II Series knives. The updated models feature a superior balanced frame, point configurations with an extended, ergonomic handle, a full edged bevel, and they come with a friction locking kydex sheath. Additionally, the 02 and 04 models are also available in HHA’s Desert Color system or Classic Black.

MFK04 2



6 Responses to “Hardcore Hardware Australia – MFK GEN II Series Knives”

  1. LowSpeed says:

    DAMN! Th..THAT is a KNIFE.

  2. Middian says:

    That first one is sexy!

  3. Ex Coelis says:

    A knife that Crocodile Dundee could be proud of…

  4. straps says:

    Anybody here have personal experience in dealings with their US distributors?

    I have a Tanto problem, and that looks like it could be my next fix…

  5. Dellis says:

    These blades are very nice, hefty slabs of sexy steel. I own one and while it’s not a very practical knife it sure looks nice in my collection, next to my MercWorx Sniper.

    The issues I have with the HH knifes, well at least the one I have, is the handle is very thin so if you have bear paws for hands then it’s gonna be an awkward grip for you as it feels like something is just missing.

    The handle is also too short it seems. It needs just a bit more real estate both in handle girth and length. Notice these new blades come with an “extended” handle?

    The sheath is lacking also. What is it with great blades being produced and then the sheath made in some third world sweat shop?? Like they are picked out of large bin of surplus sheath rejects. It can easily be attached to a molle vest but it’s cumbersome to draw the blade and to re-sheath due to the top pieces of strapped Velcro. Kydex sheath is the way to go. I get kydex sheaths down for all my blades that come with those horrible fabric types, ya know the ones where it feels and sounds like the knife will just fall right out.

    Actual blade is excellent. It can be tricky getting an edge but once there it holds well. It’s not an everyday carry though.