Sneak Peek – T. Rex Arms Develops Holster with Redback One

T. Rex Arms is introducing a new Kydex holster developed in conjunction with Jason Falla of Redback One.


Initially, it will be offered for GLOCKs and will accommodate common Red Dot Sights such as the Aimpoint T1 in this photo. Falla also worked with them to develop a new swivel belt hanger.

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17 Responses to “Sneak Peek – T. Rex Arms Develops Holster with Redback One”

  1. Larry says:

    A T1 on a Glock???? Very Taticool???

    • Taylor says:

      That’s what I thought… wouldn’t weight/balance be an issue? They make dedicated ones for a reason (Leopold/Trijicon)

      • mike says:

        If you guys follow the link there’s a pretty clean breakdown of why one might choose a T1 over an RMR. Give it a look, keep an open mind.

        • Jeremy says:

          At first, I thought a T1 on a pistol was ridiculous. But I dislike the image distortion on my RMR. I also would like to be able to change the battery without removing my optic. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s something I’ll try out.

        • Taylor says:

          Read the article, makes more sense now, but personally not sure if I could get used to having that much extra material on a pistol… I could see going either way though.

          • Reseremb says:

            If you want a RDS on your CCW, go with RMR. If you need a RDS for shooting with NVGs because the scenario forbids using bigger guns/calibers, go with T1 on an ALG “6 seconds” mount.

            Most of my concerns for a RMR for a CCW comes from sweat (IWB mount), so a sweat guard should help.

            Now I need to contact CADEX for their P226 RMR mount 😀

            • Lucas says:

              I would love a “6 Second Mount” if they were available to people. But then getting a holster would be TOUGH. But I bet we would come up with something. 😉

              I’ve heard of some people having trouble with sweat corroding their batteries on their RMRs. That’s why I like the T1 more for IWB carry. You don’t have to worry about that. And appendix carrying a T1 is no problem since it’s the same width as your slide.

      • Joe momma says:

        1.2 oz RMR to 3.0 oz T1 I don’t think is to much of a difference

  2. PLiner says:

    I have an open mind but it’s also practical and economically responsible. Lets do just some quick easy math:

    $500 +/- for a base Glock
    $500 +/- for a T-1
    $500 for an ATOM slide(stripped/bare) have to have it for a T1

    Add in the cost for any other parts such as raised iron sights, barrel, mag releases or other cosmetics, gunsmith fees, PLUS a special made kydex holster and you now have a handgun thats in the neighborhood of $2000+ dollars. It’s not a being able to afford it issue, we’ve all probably got a rifle thats in the $2000 price range or more in our safes. It boils down to spending thousands just so you can add 1 component …a $500 optic… to a pistol. It’s like spending a dollar to save a dime.It just doesn’t add up or make any economical sense for any of the added benefit that it will produce IMO.

    • Lucas says:

      You don’t need a full Glock to use a Unity Slide. You can get a Glock frame for $250ish. We have a full price break down on our site of various reddot builds.

    • mike says:

      Putting holographic sights on pistols is, at this point, an expensive endeavor. Period. It’s not about saving dimes or spending dollars at that point; it’s about building the rig you want.

    • Mike D says:

      Interestingly enough, S&W offers the PRO C.O.R.E Series pistols where the only additional item that you have to purchase is the optic itself. Maybe Glock will offer something similar in the future…

      • Lucas says:

        I bet the gen 5 Glocks will have optic mounts like the COREs and the FN FNX series. We get tons of orders for guns with reddots. It’s kind of crazy how many people are starting to run reddots on pistols. Most people have no idea and think only the celebrity shooters like Costa and Falla run optics.

  3. Matt says:

    If your shooting with a protective mask on its 110% the cats ass

    • MidgasFan says:

      Exactly right! Or, shooting through a shield, at dusk/dawn when sights are harder to pick up, etc.

      What made me go to an optic on my carry Glock was diminished eyesight at distances beyond 10 to 15 feet. Cataract surgery in one eye made me far sighted so I cannot see the sights with that eye but I can see the dot. At close up range sights are just as fast but when I shoot beyond 10 yards II am much faster and more accurate than my iron sight shooting friends. The advantage is multiplied hen shooting at 50 yards and above. Just put the dot in the target and press the trigger properly and I get good hits.

      By the way, Jason at Redback One knows his stuff and this is a very neat and innovative holster. Can’t wait to see one in person!