Bawidamann Blades – Pogn L Bronze w/ Black G10 VZ Grips + New Uber Scabbard


Bawidamann Blades sent along a Pogn L with a Bronze finish and the Black G10 VZ Grips. It came with the brand-new Uber Scabbard, which as a special bonus was outfitted with one of the limited titanium Archangel Michael Titanium pendants which were made up by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical.

The Uber Scabbard is a fusion of the Uber Sheath with the current and past scabbards offered by Bawidamann. It features 10+ ambidextous carry positions, adjustable retention, screws and postnuts for complete disassembly, and it’s PUP and MINI PUP compatible.


2 Responses to “Bawidamann Blades – Pogn L Bronze w/ Black G10 VZ Grips + New Uber Scabbard”

  1. Dellis says:

    These blades are great….yet I can never buy one!! Every time I get a notice of one up for sale someone beats me to it. Then they get on a site and re-sell it for twice as much!

    Really though I would love to have one of his low numbered blades but ya gotta be quick on the draw and have the cash to burn.

  2. NOLA says:

    As always.
    Sold out.