Velocity Systems – BOSS Rugby And Range Shorts Color Comparision

Yesterday, I drove to the Velocity Systems factory to pick up samples of the new Range Shorts and the MultiCam BOSS Rugby. While we were there, I also happened to purchase the Tan BOSS and Range Shorts for one of my kids.


Due to popular demand, we took a photo for a color comparison between the Earth Tan BOSS Rugby and Tan Range Shorts. As you can see, the BOSS Rugby is closer to the Sand color for current issue Army T-shirts, while the range shorts are closer to a traditional Khaki. This Tan turned out great and I really like the color.

The BOSS Rugby has long been my go-to range shirt and these new shorts are awesome. I had a pair of an earlier version and they’ve really dialed the design in. Designed with a customer from the ground up for range use, the pocket configuration is well laid out.


3 Responses to “Velocity Systems – BOSS Rugby And Range Shorts Color Comparision”

  1. MG in TX says:

    SSD/Gunz completly over the top, TY much for that. Time to order a tan VS pair of shorts or two & agreed re. the BOSS rugby as I could sub it if I forgot one of my tech shirts for warm summer WX runs here in TX.

  2. Evan says:

    Any plans and/or rumors for a 499 version?

  3. Dev says:

    Can I just ask what height is the Boss rugby shirt good for at the minimum?

    I’m a short guy (159cm) but my shoulders and chest are quite wide, would I fit S fine?