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Just ‘Liking’ This Photo on Facebook Will Get You UCMJ


Long story short, deployed unit is f’ed up. Thanks to the mad shitter, they’ve locked all of the port-a-johns except two which are under guard by SSGs and SFCs. There’s a lot more going on here aside from anal retentive leadership, but apparently, word was put out in the unit in question that the thought police are trawling Facebook looking for any unit members who ‘liked’ the photo.

(photo from US Army WTF Moments)

24 Responses to “Just ‘Liking’ This Photo on Facebook Will Get You UCMJ”

  1. FHRITP says:

    The best way to get any person to do something is to tell them not to. Lmao at that coc. Clearly they thought they were in charge of unquestioning robots

  2. forrest says:

    SSG’s and SFC’s guarding the toilets? Wow, you’d think that “Privates” would be uniquely suited for this job…

    Also, I’d have to take an Art-15 on this one. Simply “Liking” a photo on facebook cannot possibly be covered under the UCMJ without completely bending the wording of things that were not ment to cover this in knots… The army has gotten completely stupid recently. From thinking the year 2000 meant we would be fighting in the Matrix and issuing digital cammo to telling soldiers what they can and cannot say on their private pages that are unrelated to command, I’m glad I got out when I did. Thanks for the monthly check, I’ll take it and leave.

    • DSM says:

      It could be a barracks lawyers firing people up but if they’re going to attempt to prefer charges it’d be under Art 134. They’d push it as conduct prejudicial to the good order of the unit blah, blah. Any community college lawyer could beat it, even if the ADC would let the CoC run with it.
      I’m glad, but mostly saddened, stupidity of this level was not just limited to my service.

    • ParatrooperJJ says:

      The correct response would be to decline the Article 15 and request trial by court martial.

  3. tom says:

    and they wonder why good troops don’t stay in.

    • Philip says:

      This. A thousand times this.

    • 11b says:

      Exactly. And then some of the turds who did stay in end up in leadership positions, repeating the cycle. Gotta love it.

    • Desert Lizard says:

      I don’t think anyone is at a loss as to why the best personnel get out. I think we’re stuck at how to free the army from the lawyers and politics that have knotted it up.

      The solution I envision is a combination of a POTUS and Secretary that recognize the seriousness of the problem and have the selfless courage to stick their necks out as leaders and reverse all the political correctness/regulations/softness. I think everything short of that has already been attempted by well-meaning people.

  4. straps says:

    That “Liking” something–and thereby bumping the needle just past ambivalence–will have you reporting to a Commanding/Commander is a pretty good sign that the problem can be fixed with a change of leadership.

    Funny how commands have all the time in the world to scratch the internet under Article 134, but there’s no time for 2-3 Relief for Cause packages.

    I’ll just leave this here:

    “Liking” a photo will get broader dissemination, and could well get a comment like, “Hey is Pooperman on that deployment? ‘Cuz everyone was pretty sure he was doing the same thing out at Training Area 22 back at Leonard Wood. And Training Area 31 on Hood.”

    • Terry B. says:


      Thanks for posting that link. Great article!


    • Dev says:

      Thanks. Great read.

    • Desert Lizard says:

      Just read the article and think it’s a pile of horse$$#. The author is a guy that dodged the draft when our nation needed him and is still maintaining his selfish mentality. I’m all about securing for yourself a good life, but our good lives in America are much due to those who’ve served in our military when it was necessary. The root of every one of this d!ยขkhead’s points in this article is him.

  5. SN says:

    Just don’t like it from a government computer.

  6. LowSpeed says:

    HA! This is funny enough to be from Duffle Blog! All these jimmies being rustled hahahah

  7. Hubb says:

    One team one punishment…typical military “discipline”.

  8. Badjujuu says:

    Uuuhhhhhh someone was writing shit on the wall about the leadership……… Been there done that. We had to take down doors and curtains from shitters. Then we had to set up a watch desk with two NCOs who would shake you down for any writing instruments. One Nco would then proceed to inspect the stall before you coming in and after coming out. This also included a sign in sheet. Yup. This was in RC-E MHL…… True story.

  9. balais says:


    I thought this was satire…and I made the mistake of googling “Moerk” and learning about that debacle. hmmm, “So F–king glad im out” indeed.

    • Badjujuu says:

      Don’t get me started on that. Oh… What’s that? I just pulled an ARCOM from a trashcan…….

      • balais says:

        I saw somebody call her a Kommissar on the facebook comments at WTF moments.

        I laughed, then got a chill down my spine when I realized that is true more ways than one…

        Stuff like this creates what is called the “Streisand Effect”, which is the same as what happened with the movie “The interview”. I hope more stupid shit like this is put over the social media so that people see.

  10. KDS372 says:


  11. jose says:

    So does this mean that all the shitters in the woods on Benning have been scrubbed?

    Whatever happened to delegating tasks? Well at least it’s not tasked out to the SPC4 Mafia.. LOL..