Deliberate Dynamics Branded Wiebads In Stock

The Wiebad line of products is used for positional stabilization of firearms. Deliberate Dynamics branded models are available in three configurations.

Ultralight Bag with TacLink

Approximate size: 8″x5″x1.25″. – Approximate weight: 3.6 ounces

Pump Pillow

Dimensions: 9” x 11” x 7” Weight: 1lb 4oz

Todd Tac Bag

A shooting bag made to be used for barricades on the strong side elbow. Built at the request of Todd Reynolds of Rock Solid Stocks, who wanted a pad to set your elbow on to help stabilize you elbow sitting on your knee. Current version has modifications to the original product allowing further versatility by making the bag size adjustable. Dimensions: 9” x 11” x 4” Weight: .5 lbs

Available in Coyote, OD Green, Kryptek and MultiCam.


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