2015 Arc’teryx LEAF Catalog

Here it is, in all its splendor.

LEAF catalog

(Click to view .pdf)


15 Responses to “2015 Arc’teryx LEAF Catalog”

  1. straps says:

    …because if you rate LEAF, you go off the ramp…

  2. Chuck says:

    No recce hat?

  3. BehindBinos says:

    300 EUR for combat shirt…

  4. matty says:

    I felt a great disturbance in my wallet. Like many dollars crying out in terror as they were spent.

  5. Tim says:

    Looks amazing. Some noticeable pieces missing from this season.

  6. Dropped wolf and coyote from the knee cap selection.

  7. Mike D says:

    I’m sad to see the Talos pants and shirts are gone, along with the Coyote color way knee caps.

    • Tetsuo says:

      Me too. The Talos line was quality product, worked great in arid environments, and economically reasonable.

  8. +1 on the boonie style Recce Hat. I will take one in each color please.