You Want To See Something Really Cool?

Every once in awhile I run across something that is simply cool. This is one of them.

If I wasn’t leaving for SHOT Show this weekend I’d have already bought one of these before telling you about them because the first batch sold out before I even knew they were available. These are worked by a wounded Marine Veteran artisan and look great. One of these would make a great hail and farewell gift.



The Invader Axe is a Viking Themed functional throwing hatchet. (Modified and customized Cold Steel/American Tomahawk Company axes) Stripped down and re worked by freehand, engraving (not stamped) and re shaping the blade and wooden handle. Each hatchet has had 8-9 hours of hand work done to them by a combat wounded US Marine who we commissioned to customize these incredible pieces of artwork. Each one is differnt from the other (no two the same) as they are each hand worked, carved and engraving work. Blades and Handles are dyed a slight black giving them a unique look. We are only able to do small batches at a time due to the amount of custom work done on each handle and blade.

About the Artist. Will “Liam” Fuller Is a Austin based Marine Corps veteran and member of the Wounded Warrior community. Liam takes existing products and changes them significantly to create his art. Reshaping, engraving, carving, and etching each item. His process is the same as many other artists in his industry. His research and detailed planning are extensive when creating one of a kind custom art pieces.


6 Responses to “You Want To See Something Really Cool?”

  1. badjujuu says:

    This has a vibe of a Polish “Highlander” Axe. I like it!

  2. Reseremb says:

    Would like to order it, but still waiting for a t-shirt ordered months ago, and no luck with emails and FB messages about it :/

    • straps says:

      Over the course of three orders of various hats, t-shirts and posters they haven’t missed a beat.

      I’m confident they’ll fix themselves (or their vendor) and get you your stuff.

      • Reseremb says:

        I read a lot of great reviews about their customer service, it was a direct order on their website (pre-order actually) for the Hammer Of God t-shirt, but emails and messages didn’t sort it out.

  3. Black6ID says:

    These are amazing hand-crafted “hawks”. I definitely see one of these in my future- hopefully. Semper fi Devil

  4. DGM says:

    Oh my Norse God! Those are beautiful! That made me feel like a kid seeing boobs for the first time haha!