SHOT Show – Crye Precision Shows Us What’s In Store For 2015

In years past, Crye Precision has used SHOT Show to unveil a whole host of new technologies. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, those products don’t always make it mass market that same year. This has not frustrated not only customers but Crye as well. So this year, there won’t be as many new products on public display.

AVS 1000 Pack
First off, Crye Precision has a pack designed for use with the AVS. It can be used as a stand-alone or attached to a platform via PALS or you can use it as a plate bag.



The padding on the back of the pack can be removed via Velcro.


JPC 2.0
Lighter than the first model, the new JPC 2.0 has stretchier plate bags in order to accommodate a wider range of armor plates.



It incorporates a new release mechanism and has four different front flap options compatible with AVS.


There are also pull handles at the cummerbund.


Hitcoat Shoulders and Yoke
Last year, CP released the Hitcoat.


This year, they’ve introduced the Hitcoat Shoulders and Yoke, a single size armor system (vice the Hitcoat’s 5 sizes) which offers simple to doff protection for the upper arms and shoulders.


The SIX12 has received a little bit of a facelift.


The barrel and cylinders are now Titanium and there is a QD mount.


They’ve added a Remington choke to the 22″ barrel Bullpup model.


More info coming in

As always, Crye Precision continues to innovate and concentrate on the customer. There is lots going on and some of those items you will see later this year.


4 Responses to “SHOT Show – Crye Precision Shows Us What’s In Store For 2015”

  1. Bob says:

    Any ETA on that JPC 2.0?

  2. Terry says:

    I really hope that the SIX12 is made available in Australia. Due to our shitty firearms laws, this will fill a unique niche that is usually filled in other markets by pump actions.

  3. Alex says:

    I had a project where I was trying to put a back panel on the JPC… nearly succeeded but couldn’t find the right zippers.

    Great to see they incorporated all that together.

  4. Alex says:

    Also is the 2.0 replacing the original JPC or will both models be continued to be offered?