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AWS, Inc – LAB System – New Pouches, New Limited Edition Kryptek Highlander Colorway

Lab Belt System

AWS, Inc has announced that they’ve expanded the LAB System to include new pouches, as well as the limited edition Kryptek Highlander colorway. The original article on the LAB System can be read below:


The Light Assaulter Belt System (LAB) is a basic shooters belt designed to be totally customizable to user specifications. The LAB is made of 1-3/4″ Type 13 MIL-W-4088 webbing, with a parachute grade MilSpec V-ring with optional 550 cord wrap, heat sealed ends to prevent fraying, and an abrasion liner to prevent wear at the hardware point. The LAB is fully adjustable for a comfortable fit, and is available in sizes SM – XL.


The basic LAB system consists of an individual belt with COBRA buckle (multiple COBRA styles available), complete with inner belt. Users can then select from a number of available components to customize their LAB they way they want:

– MOLLE conversion panel for MOLLE pouches
– Uni-Mag rifle and pistol magazine pouches
– GP/Utility pouch
– Retention lanyard
– Quick release glove carabiner
– Dump pouch with IFAK pocket
– IFAK medical insert
– IFAK Red Cross patch



6 Responses to “AWS, Inc – LAB System – New Pouches, New Limited Edition Kryptek Highlander Colorway”

  1. Nattydreadbushdoc says:

    We got our hands on one of these and built it up as a MARCH belt. Running it now and it is bad ass! Best belt kit ever made.

  2. D says:

    I’m loving mine.

  3. Ben P says:

    Why do all these companies put the ring for the retention lanyard on the front, and not the back where it belongs? If you fall out of an aircraft in full kit and are strapped in on your front if is very likely really screw up you spine. We aren’t meant to bend that way as human beings. If you run the retention lanyard on the rear of your belt it is a lot less stress on your spine if you do actually have something happen.

    • Jon, OPT says:

      AWS makes a version with it on the back specifically for riding Little Birds. These are mainly designed for an individual clipping into the floor of an aircraft with seats out, and then unclipping when landed or ready to use an infil method such as FRIES. Being able to quickly detach ones self from the lanyard unassisted (which is practically impossible if hanging from your butt) is pretty key to the functionality of the lanyard. This is a tried and true method, with tens of thousands of iterations on training and operational missions… it works.

      Jon, OPT

      • Ben P says:

        I’m glad to see they are making both versions. Do you have to write to them directly to order this version? I don’t see it on the AWS ordering page. We rode in the doors of many UH-60’s in both Iraq and Afghanistan and our team medics were adamant about us having the lanyards in the rear in case the pilots had to do an extreme movement and one of us slid off the deck. I’ve only found one local company here in NC that makes belts with loops in the rear. Glad to see it is catching on elsewhere.

  4. Thomas says:

    The Part Number for the belt you are looking for is #50437 , this belt is dual v-ring, but they also make a belt with a small v-ring that will fit on your belt loops. This part number is made to work with the inner belt. Aws made this design to work with the CASEVAC system early 1999. This guys have been in business for over 40 years; this guys are also In NC who knows it could be the same guys your are taking about.