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Author JL Bourne Launches New Website

Featuring info about his upcoming novel, “Tomorrow War” author and military officer JL Bourne has launched an updated website.


Bourne gained fame for his highly successful “Day by Day Armageddon” series of books. This new book will take on a new adventure. While the dystopian setting is similar, the antagonists won’t be the undead. Post collapse America promises to be an interesting ride.


6 Responses to “Author JL Bourne Launches New Website”

  1. Francis says:

    Turner Diaries Redux?

    • SSD says:

      Do you fully comprehend what you’ve said here?

      • Francis says:

        It was beneath me. Apologies to the author if I crossed way over the line.

        Still, just from reading the description on Amazon, it’s hard to see how this sort of stuff doesn’t fuel anti-government paranoiac fantasies in some. Not a healthy thing for the “moral fabric” of our society.

        • balais says:

          youve posted the same “concern” before the last time this author was brought up.

          Dont like it? dont buy it. Jesus H. *facepalm*

  2. Francis says:

    It was a cheap shop. Guilty as charged.

  3. 1776 says:

    Francis is at it again I see. Once again attacking this active duty military officer and accusing him of being a racist scumbag, a la Turner Diaries. Where does SSD find these boot lickers? What if this book is a little anti-government? Based on what I’m seeing in the news these days, Bourne may not be off the mark very far with the synopsis on this one.