High Speed Gear Now Offering Official Wolf Grey

Wolf Grey

After spending several months to acquire the appropriate materials, High Speed Gear is now offering their products in the tonal shade Wolf Grey developed by Arc’teryx LEAF for urban and industrial environments.


12 Responses to “High Speed Gear Now Offering Official Wolf Grey”

  1. JBgleason says:

    Black will be the new black this year. I can finally break out all my early 90’s Kit I have been saving.

  2. Black as always been a popular color!!! I’d like to thank Triple Bravo on the second picture, his work is solid.

  3. Eric Elletson says:

    Where can I get my hands on that cap and patch???

    • straps says:

      SKD has the patches.

      The hat looks to be an old 215 gear offering but they have black “Blended Operator Hats” in stock now. You’ll have to bleach it out with your own sweat.

      215 and Rogue American make two of the best hats on the market.

      • Tackleberry says:

        Agreed on good looking lid Eric, and thanks for the 411 Straps.

        For comfort, in hot climates OakleySI’s SI Cap MK2 Mod1 is my fav, but I like the looks of what’s in the pic.

  4. straps says:

    HSGI should have just called their first run what it was: FOLIAGE.

    It wasn’t until stocks were dwindling (from fine folks like site sponsors OPT and SKD) that I discovered it matched my Foliage gear pretty much perfectly.

    • defensor fortisimo says:

      Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I used a extended pistol TACO for an Asp holder and it looked and functioned perfectly with my DFLECS. Except for the fact that I was wearing a goddamned DFLECS

      • straps says:

        Absolutely isn’t. Like I said, I just wish I knew this before the stocks became depleted (in anticipation of “real” Wolf).

  5. Darrel says:

    Still no MAS grey….

    Why has MAS grey just dropped off the face of the earth? Even LBT Doesn’t sell it anymore.

    • mike says:

      because trends…

      • Haji says:

        Things change and if a particular color or pattern doesn’t really generate orders, then it goes away. If the industry doesn’t get behind MAS grey the only way to get it is to commit to buying an entire dye lot of materials. That’s generally a really large amount of fabric and webbing. If there aren’t customers for it, then it ends up being like UCP that nobody wants and ya can’t sell.

    • straps says:

      The thing I remember most about MAS grey is LBT’s warnings about scarcity: “We sell hundreds of unit sets to Cool Guys but now and again we have a few odds and ends left over for you unwashed. Get while the gettin’s good and maybe we’ll poop a few pieces of gear on you.” Maybe not those exact words but that was the context.

      So yeah, the messaging worked: Don’t expect to be able to kit yourself in this as your needs evolve and your budget allows.

      Not hating on LBT. Honestly I don’t know how they break even on some of those amazing promo deals they run.

      I like Arc’s grey just fine. Glad to see more makers standardizing to it.

      PS, doesn’t LBT make the most highly regarded inner pockets for the loop panels in the Khards? I imagine LBT will standardize to what the market bears.