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Kingfisher Medical – ROVER Active Shooter/Hostile Threat Response Kit

The Rapid Onset Violence Emergency Response kit, or ROVER, provides first responders with a deployment-ready, suitcase-sized toolkit to efficiently coordinate information, rapidly treat life-threatening injuries and quickly remove the injured. It also fosters increased cooperation between LE and EMS.

“We’ve seen hundreds of active shooter incidents where EMS/fire and law enforcement each set up separate command posts, essentially working in different silos,” says Kingfisher Medical Vice President Bob Otter, a 20-year veteran of the fire service himself. “This scenario can create dramatic and unnecessary delays in getting to these critically injured patients.”

The toolkit lid opens to the whiteboard with pre-printed cues for command staff, as well as information gathering. This keeps all emergency responders on the same page with the number of victims, victim location and other vital treatment information.


It also includes a number of IFAK trauma kits with rapid intervention supplies to treat those most seriously injured. The compact kits are PALS compatible and pre-stocked with life-saving devices, or can be custom configured to the agency’s needs or protocols.


Additionally, ROVER includes the military grade Xtract, a lightweight device that cocoons victims for a faster and safer extraction from the scene. The Xtract folds to the size of a bread loaf, yet is strong enough to lift or drag victims away from the scene with fewer emergency personnel. The Xtract reduces first responder exposure because victims can be rapidly removed from dangerous areas.



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