NEMO Equipment Is Your Link to Outland Equipment Axes

MMA 1901 and MMA 1501

The Axe
After two years of intense development and testing, Outland Equipment unveiled its first multi-purpose tools: the Point Man Axe, the FireFighter Axe and the Multi-Mission Axe. The PMA is a specialized combat instrument for LE and Special Operations Forces, built to hold an edge and withstand the rigors of battle. The FFA and MMA are forcible entry tools, with optimized materials and features for cutting and prying through just about anything in your path. The FFA and MMA have unique engineering that allows for interchangeability in the axe head. A range of different components are being developed now that will be able to mount on the back side of the axe head. Outland is committed to setting a new standard of quality and innovation in tools for combat, rescue and survival. The MMA tools are currently in stock.

Axe Sheaths

Multi-Mission Axe Features:
-19 and 15 inch versions are available
-Full tang S7 steel construction (S7 is an exceptionally durable steel that can withstand the stresses encountered during impacts and maintain a sharp blade edge)
-G10 handle grips
-Multiple grip positions
–Bottom, for swinging the blade and hammer
–Middle, at the finger notch, for more controlled use of the blade
–Top, on the forward angled grip, for fine manipulation of the blade and an off-axis grip for controlling the pry and seatbelt cutter
-4 inch chopping blade
-Modular S7 steel hammer
–Specialized accessories will be available that mount in place of the hammer, making the axe configurable for different missions
-Pry feature at the bottom of the handle uses the entire length of the handle for leverage
-Seat belt cutter is positioned at the bottom of the handle to extend reach into vehicles
-Hex nut tools in the head and pry end
-A CNC machined high strength Delrin blade guard is included. A highly engineered, MOLLE compatible, belt-worn, CNC machined Delrin sheath is available as an accessory.
-All axes come in a custom zippered case

The Connection
I was introduced to Outland Equipment’s axes by Cam Brensinger, of NEMO Equipment. I’ve known Cam for several years and he has always impressed me by his innovation and dedication to quality. I know the standard he sets for himself so when he decides to present another brand alongside NEMO I know it is going to be something special. I asked him about how this had taken place and he said this:

“We were introduced to Outland through our connections in the industry,” said Cam Brensinger, NEMO’s founder and CEO, “and I was immediately struck by the design of these tools. The quality of execution is the best I’ve seen. I felt a partnership with Outland would give us another strong solution to offer our customers alongside our own Shield™ products, and it would give Outland the connections they need to increase visibility in the SOF community.” NEMO has agreed to be the exclusive distributor of Outland products to U.S. Special Operations. If you’re an active duty member of SOF, please contact NEMO for best pricing: [email protected]

The Maker
Now that we have established the bonafides, let’s talk about Outland Equipment. Outland Equipment was founded by Christopher Aiston to provide people with the tools they need to survive and save lives in hostile environments. For the past 10 years, Chris has been a design consultant to companies that manufacture firearms and accessories. He built relationships in the law enforcement and fire fighting communities and discovered that firefighters are typically heavily burdened by carrying around single-purpose tools. It was clear that firefighters needed a streamlined, lightweight, multi-purpose tool that could be carried at all times. This new solution would need to withstand the harsh environments firefighters work in, and prove to be useful every day on the job, across a wide range of applications. Once development began on the tools, it quickly became apparent that these new tools could also benefit law enforcement and armed forces. That’s where the military focus came into play. Cam at NEMO saw the designs and new that they would be a perfect fit for the SOF community.

Update – You can contact Chris Aiston at [email protected].

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12 Responses to “NEMO Equipment Is Your Link to Outland Equipment Axes”

  1. Levi says:

    It says “MMA’s are currently in stock”, checked the websites, where else should I look?

  2. Eric B says:

    Interesting designs. I wonder if they might develop a non-axe bladed tool. Keep most of the present features, but in place of the axe blade could be a carbide glass breaker tip with the hammer head opposite. I’d like something like that for vehicle work. It might make some departments more at ease with deploying a window breaker/hammer as oppossed to an axe/hammer hybrid. Just a thought. Looks like quality work.

  3. mark says:

    Looks like a very well though out axe. I like that they’re using S7, I believe it’s the same steel used in jackhammer bits.

  4. Kango says:


  5. Bushman says:

    Looks like smart design, unlike many others. Machined plastic accessories are, probably, pricey, but if they are not going to make huge number of them, making injection mold could be even more expensive. Choice of material sounds relieving, because it shows that they making this for work.

  6. wazza says:

    Interesting bit of kit . It’s annoying that Outland Equipment website isn’t up to check out prices and maybe even or something !

  7. TheBlade says:

    Um, price? Availability? I’d love to have one of these if they are not priced only for the super wealthy who would never use them anyway. I understand paying for quality, and I am more than happy to do so, but if you make tools for the working serviceman and you honestly want to help him do his job better, don’t charge him a week’s pay to have the best. Just mho.

  8. Chris Aiston says:

    This is Chris Aiston, owner of Outland Equipment. Thank you for your comments on Outland’s axes. I apologize for the lack of information and product availability. The Outland website has been updated with more information, but availability is still a few weeks out. The cost for the MMA-1901 is $675 and the MMA-1501 is $645. I’ve designed these axes to provide a lot of functionality, and have chosen materials and production methods based on performance and reliability. This makes Outland’s axes cost more than most on the market. Please contact me at [email protected] for information about military and law enforcement discounts. Thanks again for the interest in Outland’s axes and feel free to contact me with questions.

  9. Phlash says:

    I don’t know where clowns like you, RMJ, & certain others get off charging your ridiculous prices for your tomahawks, while trying to pimp them to the military. I know soldiers get shit pay now, & we sure did when I served, so the very idea that a trooper can casually drop $300-$800 for a tomahawk or knife is not only beyond stupid; it’s insulting.
    Do you pricks not even consider the fact that there are times when a combat unit soldier gets in situations where his gear is damaged, destroyed, or left behind? What GI is going to even consider coughing up a month or three months’ pay for a knife or tomahawk that may end up destroyed or lost?
    You mopes, the guys @ RMJ, American Kami, GG&G, and even Gerber (for their $200 Downrange model tomahawk) should be ashamed of yourselves and have your teeth kicked out.

    • SSD says:

      I cannot wait to see your new line of American made Knives and Tomahawks because what you’re saying is that you can do it cheaper and better right?