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Sneak Peek – SureFire Warcomp-556 and Warcomp-762

Billed as the world’s most shoot able flash hider, the new Warcomp-556 and Warcomp-762 from SureFire offers hybrid capability including barrel compensation.  

-Ported to allow rifle to track straight back, stay on target and allow faster follow up shots

-Offers 99% flash reduction

-Made from USA SS bar stock

-IonBond DLC coated

-Single point cut threads



16 Responses to “Sneak Peek – SureFire Warcomp-556 and Warcomp-762”

  1. Kris says:

    Looks extremely promising!

  2. Thomas 67 says:

    Very nice. I’m also curious what ammunition was being fired.

  3. Garin Lee says:

    Ammo was Mk262

  4. MattM says:

    Can we get a video at night?

    Not to be snarky, but its one thing to make the claim of 99 percent flash reduction from a Compensator then only show daylight footage.

    I totally understand that even suppressor’s exhibit a minimal amount of flash, esp. on the first round, but still… what I’m most curious about is the flash reduction. With so many comps on the market advertising compromised performance between recoil reduction and flash reduction, if this lives up to its claim (out of a short barrel no less) then it would game changer).

    • Thomas 67 says:

      Good question. I wasn’t aware what Mk262 was, but reviews of the Black Hills ammunition mentions that it has a ‘flash suppressant’ added to the powder. Pretty cool, at at least a dollar per round – when you can find these in stock.

      A nice test would to see two weapons being fired side by side with the same barrel length, brand of ammunition and one with the Warcomp-556, and the other with an A2 birdcage.

      Sure, one happening at night, and one at day. And while they’re at it – one with a set of 10 inch barrels on a SBR or pistol, and another one with a 16 inch barreled carbine. If for no other reason than to see if you could visually see what difference that might make.

  5. Alex says:

    Looks interesting. It looks like this mounts the SOCOM series of suppressors — is that the case? If it does, is there a plan to make a non-mount version, a la Procomp? I’m definitely going to have to try one out either way.

  6. Garin Lee says:

    The Warcomp is a suppressor adaptor.

  7. bulldog76 says:

    oh ya i know what im getting for my 308 build !

  8. BrianK says:

    Any idea on when these will be available? I saw them at SHOT and there wasn’t any info on them available then.

  9. Garin Lee says:

    We are already planning a night video shoot. It needs to be done for the finished video we are putting together. We have done the photos already.

  10. Garin Lee says:

    We should have them in stock by end of March.

  11. Billy says:

    What magazine is he using in the video?

  12. sneakynerd says:

    Garin how much louder are they than the socom 556 flash suppressors?

  13. grunz says:


    For the night shoot please also use some more common ammo types like M193, M855 and some generic/cheap .223 55gr training ammo like American Eagle or PMC.

  14. Bushman says:

    Just curious: front surface and fillet look like CNC-milled using 3D tool path, and it looks surprising, because on features with circular cross-section you usually expecting lathe tool marks (and it’s, probably, hundred times faster to turn it instead if milling).
    Can anybody explain that?