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While it may sound like a made up curse word used by a child, the Female Urinary Diversion Device or FUDD may well prove to cause many a female Soldier to swear. Borrowed from outdoor technology to allow lady hikers on the trail relieve themselves more comfortably, this is the technology that’s making female attendance at Ranger School possible. In fact, the infamous Ranger School packing list has already been updated with several gender specific items including the FUDD.


29 Responses to “The FUDD”

  1. AbnMedOps says:

    Back around 1978, when Big Army was getting serious about females, an interation of this concept was written up in TIME magazine. Don’t know if it was fielded then or not.

  2. Brian says:

    This video feels like a bad porno.

  3. Fury says:

    Necessity is truly the mother of invention…

  4. Tim says:

    I love me some Army training videos… But if God intened it to face upward you’d be pissing in your face…( little Goonies reference )

  5. The Pig says:

    My wife uses these..


    Folds flat, reusable, disposable. Not made in US but oh well.

  6. Tim says:

    I wonder when they stand around if one looks over at the other and gets jealous that their tube is smaller than the other.

  7. Nik says:

    Be vewwy vewwy quiet….

  8. xpoqx says:

    What the actual fuck did I just watch?

  9. Craig says:

    I knew some chics who would stand and pee without help.. it was crazy.

  10. TM says:


  11. Sal Palma says:

    You guys will probably not believe this but. The FUDD has been around for years. It was specifically developed for the sailing community. It was not called a FUDD but the object was to allow women who crew on sailboats to urinate over the side. It was particularly useful when you were wearing foul weather gear. It was advertise in a sailing rag called Latitude 38 and sold in places like West Marine. It first surfaced in the early 80s.

    • SSD says:

      Thanks Sal

    • Bill says:

      I first saw them years ago in civilian aviation supply places.

      I hope those sailors had their lifelines on, or that would make an interesting SAR request to the Coasties

    • The Stig says:

      I first saw them in the early 90s for high altitude mountaineering.

  12. TexasKrypteia says:

    Every now and then I wish I was back on active duty…..And then I see shit like this.

  13. Asinine Name says:

    It’s not in OCP!

  14. DGM says:

    FUDD?? It looks like a funnel to me..

    • DGM says:

      Wipe it off with some toilet paper and then rinse it off??? Give it two or three good shakes and put it away. Anything over three and you’re ‘playing with it’.

      • SC1911 says:

        More importantly: Will females now suffer from post piss drip? Because I don’t care if you shake it, beat it against the urinal or wring it out, it still drips. Lastly, will their aim be better then their male counter…..parts?

  15. Bill says:

    Seriously, no males use condom caths? If they are studly enough for NASCAR and other manly endeavors where you can’t stop and take a squirt, I’d think they’d be just as badass as a beard. Then there’s Lomotil…..

  16. FLC says:

    A couple other names that were thrown around the Army that did not fly:
    PPP= Pocket PV$$y Pisser, or “Chick Dick”

  17. Disco says:

    Forgive me SSD, but I can’t help remembering that song by King Missile and how prescient it was about this subject matter

  18. Weaver says:

    One of the female firefighters in my company swears by (not at) her She-Wee.


  19. Tim says:

    Stay tune for scenes from next week show chicks with (fill in blank)

  20. james says:

    My sniper section can’t get one 2010, or ammo to train with, or ABICS, or well anything….but they can spend money on a video training people how to piss.

  21. WE_BE_KILLING_UM says:

    I knew a chick in the air force that had one. There called (she wee)University of YouTube it pretty interesting.