Combat Rations Database

ComRad is the Combat Rations Database and it gives you nutritional details on US military rations including Meal, Ready to Eat, First Strike Ration and Meal Cold Weather/Long Range Patrol.

You pick the type of ration and year of issue and you get a pull down list of meals which allows you to drill down into the details.

5 Responses to “Combat Rations Database”

  1. Nikuraba29 says:

    Wish we had this 10 years ago instead of playing the mystery MRE’s game. Finding pound cake was gold.

  2. Paul_M says:

    ComRad… Comrade… Hmmm…
    Sounds a bit Socialist… LOL

  3. JourneyMan says:

    Damn, I was hoping they would have ingredients. The nutritional facts themselves don’t have alot of value. Knowing the indgredients would be a godsend those those of us with food alergies.

  4. pbr549 says:

    Im glad we didnt have this. It would have taken the fun out of finding an unratfucked case of MREs. Those First Strike Rations were the shit though, although on my last deployment I survived on protein bars and trail mix.