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Tactical Tailor Rolls Out New And Improved MALICE Clips

Tactical Tailor has announced the release of an updated MALICE Clip which coincides with the new Fight Light line. The new MALICE clips are lighter, stronger, easier to weave, and have a slimmer standoff. The full release can be read below:


When we rolled out the new Fight Light line here at Tactical Tailor we concentrated our efforts on being lighter and slicker while maintaining the phenomenal durability that we’re known for.

Every aspect was scrutinized, and we deliberately studied and considered feedback from professional end-users. We removed extraneous weight and maximized utility wherever we could. Part of this process was reviewing some things that we’ve done the same way for more than a decade. We put pen to paper, constructed countless prototypes, and put them through rigorous testing for months before anything was rolled out.


If you’ve purchased any of the Tactical Tailor Fight Light line recently, you may have observed something: We changed the MALICE Clip.

Our MALICE Clip is the long-time, now ubiquitous industry standard: and the new MALICE Clip is even better. Everything you liked about the old MALICE is still present:

Same heavy duty construction. They won’t come unwoven even if accidentally unlocked. They work with a variety of attachment methods. They’re not affected by extreme temperature changes. They will never corrode.


Now, however, now they’re easier to weave due to the non-square edges, significantly lighter, 15% stronger, and have a slimmer standoff.

Pricing and lengths remain exactly the same. The new MALICE Clips are shipping with all Tactical Tailor Fight Light items, and soon will ship with everything we sell. Don’t worry OEMs, we’ll still provide you with the new MALICE Clips as well.

The new MALICE clips are shipping on new LBE and gear – watch for them to be available as a standalone purchase soon.


26 Responses to “Tactical Tailor Rolls Out New And Improved MALICE Clips”

  1. SSG T.J McSpicyweiner says:

    Tell me about it. I always had to use my benchmade to pull the tabs and ended up stabbing myself in the thigh on my last deployment. Spent 3 weeks on light duty recovering

  2. Tackleberry says:

    Like the evolution.

  3. Gunner says:

    My only complaint with them is right next to the hole that the buckle clips in is the area that has the least material. I have a set on a fight light admin I have. Mine are starting to get white stress marks on them and I fear they will soon break after a few more classes. Just my 2 cents.

    • GW says:

      The white areas are not weak points, It has to do with the pigment in the plastic. The engineers were very careful with that.

  4. Mandingo says:

    They don’t seem to have any of the solutions to problems I’ve spent afternoons expelling expletives over. As long as you’re making a mold, make it at least .25in longer than it needs to be so we can pull them that last 1/8in to lock them, and taper the leading edge so they feed easier.

    The HSGI clips are a blessing and awesome for working with HSGI products. And 90% of my MALICE clip experience revolves around HSGI product. They solved these issues with their clips.

    • Utini says:

      That right there is a handy tip, Mandingo. Personally, I’m no MALICE clip fan, unless I’m actually frankensteinging together some mix match of ALICE and MOLLE. But better than half of my MALICE clips are on HSGI items, so it’s neat to know they’ve got an alternative. I’d seen it, but figured it was just “more of the same.”

  5. GW says:

    When you get the new ones you will find it easier to lift the tab as well. Handy when you have closely trimmed fingernails.

  6. Norbis says:

    I like the improvement, I’ll be getting some stand alone clips when they come out. Side question; wasn’t Tactical Tailor going to start offering the helium whisper set up? Is that still going down?

    • GW says:

      Helium Whisper will be provided on products that are under contract to the SOCOM community. We have provided an alternative to BFGs system. HW is a great attachment system, it added 5 dollars cost to some pouches and the lead times to get the backers was extending our delivery times. For TT it became a burden and we haven’t used it in a year.

  7. Darrel says:

    Like the idea a lot. I don’t like HSGI at all, and I’m staying away from their clips. I love Tactical Tailor products. I use higher end “gucci” stuff on certain kits, but for the kit I would actually trust my life to, the kit that I train in, I use Tactical Tailor everything. Everything is still made with bar-tacks, 1000D Cordura and seam tape everywhere, great for when you actually need durability and not just looks.

    • GW says:

      Thanks for your loyalty. This highlights why we have a great industry. there are rabid HSGI fans and there are TT Fanatics, and those that choose what works for them at that time. Durability and value are where we want to be remembered. Our Customer Service is pretty Awesome too.

  8. Dan says:

    I purchased some of these, after seeing them on SS, and I must say that are the bomb! Sorry, but in my opinion this is direction malice clips should be going. You can lighten plastic as much as you want, but these win all day every day, and they are cheap as well.

    • mike says:

      I just got mine in the mail yesterday. Probably the best gear investment I’ve made in a year.

  9. paul says:

    Poke the hole to lift the tab. Much easier and reduces risk of finger laceration.

  10. paul says:

    MALICE clips are great, as are the WTF solution posted above. I’ve had MALICE clips on gear since 2007 and through 2 long deployments. I never had to worry about them.

    • Chucker says:

      I really like the WTFs as well especially on kit with tight PALS channels but I still see the utility of MALICE clips.

  11. Dev says:

    Are those serrated edges designed to lop off fingers when attaching or detaching the clips?

    Just kidding. Malice clips are awsome, especially when used to attach non-pals type pouches to belt rigs and other platforms. Yes non-pals / molle equipment and pouches still do exist and are still fielded.

  12. Buckaroomedic. says:

    Loved Malice Clips since the day they came out! This new version looks even better. I guess most people around here don’t remember ALICE clips? Now those were a PITA!

    • Dev says:

      Sure do. Still have the unpleasant experience of having to deal with them occasionally today.

  13. Mojo says:

    Will the old version still be available?

  14. GW says:

    yes you will be able to still get the legacy version.

  15. CRH says:

    Got a chance to play with the new Malice clips a little SHOT show, HUGE improvement! Great Job TT!

  16. Roecar says:

    I just got one set with my latest Fight Light pouch, VERY happy with the design and much easier to use. I’d love to retrofit all of my old MALICE clips with these given the chance.

  17. Casey says:

    The only issue I have with the new style is that pouches which only attach with a single clip do not seem to be as stable. Glad to hear TT will continue to produce the legacy version, as it still fills a role, at least for me.