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Bravo Company – BCMGUNFIGHTER Modular Light Mounts


Bravo Company has just released their new BCMGUNFIGHTER Modular Light Mounts. Machined from solid billet aluminum, the Light Mounts are designed for the KeyMod platform, are fully ambidextrous, and offer a low-profile and snag-free design. The mounts can be mounted either flush or cantilevered, and interface with KeyMod via a patent pending anchoring system.

BCMGUNFIGHTER™ 1913 Rail KeyMod Light Mount

The 1913 Rail KeyMod Light Mount is designed to offer 1913-rail capability to the KeyMod system. Compatible with most common 1913 rail pistol/weapon light systems, this mount offers optional high and low mounting positions, as well as multiple mounting points.

BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Scout KeyMod Light Mount

The Scout KeyMod Light Mount is designed specifically for use with SureFire’s Scout and Mini Scout Lights. It features multiple mounting points, and is optimized to run the light in the offset position.

BCMGUNFIGHTER™ One Inch Ring KeyMod Light Mount

The One Inch Ring Mount is designed to interface with most popular 1-inch round body tactical lights on the market. It can be mounted in either standard or offset positions.



One Response to “Bravo Company – BCMGUNFIGHTER Modular Light Mounts”

  1. Eric says:

    To be read in the slightly irritated voice of my wife: “Damn you Bravo Company, you’re competing for my husband’s contributions to my shoe fund. I won’t wear your hats as consolation”.

    This looks like the most well thought out solution for mounting a light on a KeyMod rail. I have the HSP version now, and that puts a Scout in a good spot but is a little tight for a Surefire X300U near the top rail It is too easy to accidently actuate the switch since it sits pretty low next to the rail and my support hand. This looks like it raises it a little. It also looks to be modular from the picture where the picatinny rail looks removable to mount a Scout. I’ll find out soon enough…