Super Brush LLC – Swab-Its Gun Cleaning Products

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Super Brush LLC launched its Swab-Its Bore-Tips line at the 2012 SHOT Show, their previous experience coming from over 60 years of manufacturing and supplying foam swabs to various industries including medical, electrical, and aerospace. The line was met with positive reviews at SHOT and the subsequent NRA show.

Photo of .17 Caliber Bore-Whips

The initial line consisted of two sizes of Bore-Tips, and now includes Bore-Tips for .22cal, .243cal, .30cal, .357cal, .40cal, and .45cal, as well as for 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 gauge shotguns. They’ve also expanded their line to include Gun-Tips for external cleaning, and new .117 and .22cal Bore-Whips, the later of which also function as empty chamber indicators.

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One Response to “Super Brush LLC – Swab-Its Gun Cleaning Products”

  1. MidgasFan says:

    The good folks at Super Brush gave us samples at the 2013 SHOT and I fell in love with them instantly! They make for super quick an easy cleaning and are a much better option that before when I was using non-chlorinated brake parts cleaner and reusing the cotton bore swabs that break down and leave quite a bit of cotton remnants in the chamber and bore. One of the many “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas out there.

    Those are super cool and I highly recommend them to everyone who doesn’t like to make cleaning a second hobby.