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More Salient Arms Edged Weapons Photos



Photos by Apex Armor.

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14 Responses to “More Salient Arms Edged Weapons Photos”

  1. mark says:

    Interesting grip on the Tomahawk. I assume the center spike designed to be used as an impact weapon, sort of like a metal Comtech Stinger?

  2. JP says:

    Looks like a really functional and practical design for thinks like, uh, holding your steaks to a grill?

  3. Anthony says:

    reminds me of a tracker dan bloodshark

  4. Backin NOLA says:

    Cool, more stuff we can’t order, and can only be found on a Facebook page because they can’t figure out how to make a website.

    • mike says:

      They prefer to do things by phone. Why is that so hard to understand and offensive to people? In this day and age you can have a website made for you much more easily than a firearm, I think if they wanted a website they could figure it out…

  5. Dellis says:

    Again these guys make some great blades and i am no expert but the blade and handle on the axe seems as if it would not cut or chop well. As if just the tip would just dig in, seems if the cutting edge would not have such the curve it does would be better. Then again i could be totally wrong?

    • Riceball says:

      I agree, the blade angle on the ‘hawk doesn’t look like it would work to well to me either. It looks like it would only be good for making relatively shallow draw cuts and would be useless against wood, out at least tree branches and the like; it might work well against does and simple wood barricades but I’d think that a conventional axe or ‘hawk would work better.

  6. Reeky says:

    thats great and all but this is 2015 and they dont have a website

    • Dellis says:

      but….it’s “coming soon”

    • mike says:

      It’s not like you’d buy anything from them anyway. People who complain about lack of a website just want something to look at and aren’t going to buy anything. They are saving themselves the hassle of dealing with people who would only order from them if they had a website, frankly.

      • Reeky says:

        “saving themselves the hassle of making more money”
        sure bub

      • Dellis says:

        Mike, if your statement is correct then why on earth on their “page” do they have “website coming soon, really”??

      • SVGC says:

        Yes Mike, it’s an absurd and abstract thought that a potential customer would want to see a description and visual representation of a product that he or she may potentially spend thousands of dollars on. It’s also asinine to have concerns about timely turnarounds for your firearm worth hundreds or thousands of dollars from a company that’s had “website coming soon, really” for over a year and a half. That’s why we would all prefer to use the trusted ol’ Pony Express for all matters of commerce. If only Zev Tech would learn a thing or two about wasting their time on “over-achieving” websites and advertisements….

  7. war13usaf says:

    How about “pass” if it is priced anything like other Salient things. Not very functional, rather get a real tool like the axe for SF posted last week.