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S.O.TECH Tactical Releases Mission Go Bag Model A1

S.O.TECH Has released the upgraded Mission Go Bag Model A1. The full release can be read below:

Mission Go Bag A1 press release

S.O.TECH / Special Operations Technologies releases its upgraded Mission Go Bag Model A1 to celebrate 10 years of fielding the original Mission Go Bag to US Special Operations Forces.

While the Mission Go Bag became synonymous with Special Operations over the last decade, it has also been adopted throughout law enforcement, federal agencies, search and rescue and even urban fashion. S.O.Tech originally designed it as a trauma go bag to mount to its medical Mission Pack. Both medical packs have been issued throughout the GWOT to Special Forces Medics (18D) as part of the SOF-Medical Equipment Set. The inspiration came from S.O.TECH founder Jim Cragg’s first designs of a satchel and an ALICE pack-mounted go bag dating back to when he was a 2nd Lieutenant in 1994. As such, the Mission Go Bag’s DNA has been an integral part of S.O.TECH’s development as a company. Because of its compact design with large internal IV pockets, the bag was quickly adopted for use as a survival bag and a breacher / explosive demolitions bag. The Mission Go Bag won its place as the satchel bag of the SOCOM BALCS pack contract providing over 16,000 bags to Special Forces, Rangers, SEALS, MARSOF, ParaRescue and other US SOF units.

The Mission Go Bag is one of the most versatile designs fielded. It can be configured for carry as a satchel, waist pack, sling pack, vest mount, pack mount, brief case, vehicle wall pack, belt pack, or chest pack because of its patented design. Five internal packets were ideal for 4 rifle magazines, an IFAK, an MRE, and a radio with batteries. Its ideal size found it used as a survival bag, surveillance/camera bag, submachine gun carrier, medical bag, sniper bag/rest, EOD bag, breacher bag, active shooter bag, laptop bag, and travel bag. Over the years the Mission Go Bag has been made in most camouflage colors including British DPM, German Flecktarn, Auscam, Canadian digital, Thai digital, and Japanese camouflage for our clients.

In recent years, the Mission Go Bag has moved into the law enforcement arena as patrolman warbags shrank in size. Soon the requirement for active shooter response bags saw a demand because of its ability to carry a full tactical load in a sleek and compact design. At the same time, the Urban Fashion industry took note of the Mission Go Bag as Vans Shoe’s custom designed a tennis shoe with S.O.Tech, Dual Forces Gear and Vans OTW which paired the shoes with a black custom modified Mission Go Bag.

Accessories for the Mission Go Bag A1 include a padded camera insert system, shoulder pad, flex tab MOLLE adapters, medical panel inserts, and a removable flap module. S.O.TECH’s Mission Pack shoulder straps and padded pistol belts all integrate with the design and are sold separately. The new MGB-A1 design incorporates a padded wrap into the handles, and improves internal organizer and pocket designs.

For more information, check out www.SOTechTactical.com.


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