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Sneak Peek – Prometheus Design Werx Pants

Over the weekend, this image popped up.  According to the label, these are Odyssey Cargo Pants Submersible from Prometheus Design Werx.


27 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Prometheus Design Werx Pants”

  1. Major_Northeast_City says:

    Visually from the photo IMO: Meh.
    Re: “Submersible”, wonder if their the same as TAD’s Force 10 AC’s which are 100% nylon of which I own.

  2. adil says:

    if you look at the people behind this its the same folks behind TAD

    Even the design is similar

    Will be interested in the price point. will this be more or less expensive than TAD

  3. Tom says:

    Material is different from TAD Force 10 AC’s. They’re more breathable, and not as hot

  4. JimSmith says:

    Wow how original, so change the d-rings to triangles and add a Velcro patch on the other cargo pocket. even the secret back pocket is the same as TAD

    • Corcski says:

      My thoughts exactly. Pattern looks nearly the same, features are nearly identical, even the name.

      • JimSmith says:

        I’m saddened to see this, along with some of the earlier releases it just seems like rehashed older ideas and designs just with a new logo, not what I personally had hoped for.

    • ejb3 says:

      I am sure the price will be about the same, which is too much for either. Having owned both pants and a jacket from TAD, I would buy another jacket from them but never another pair of pants or shorts. Price is not worth what you get.

      • Magnum says:

        I feel the opposite. The jackets are retardest prices, especially for being made overseas. The U.S. made pants are shorts are the only worthwhile purchase.

        • rtt-cqb man says:

          Former cut and stitch dude here – Arc’s asian manufacturing system is considerably different then your traditional asian catalog manufactures that other tac/civ companies utilize. Arc’s mfg team is highly sophisticated – probably one of the best out there – and utilize some of the most advanced manufacturing applications/process on the market. American mfg is trying to catch up but the fact is not all of the materials and components (zippers etc.) are available. While Arc does have a nice margin, the people building the gear do an outstanding job.

          As far as your Stealth (softshell) jacket is concerned — I wonder why they (TAD GEAR are charging almost $500 for a consumer direct product? NAFTA build/sourcing issues aside, it seems a bit steep if you ask me.

          Ref: Beyond Rig (100% USA SOURCE/MFG) – $300 // ARC BRAVO/DRAC $250-350 (100% ASIA).

          • SSD says:

            I’m not sure where you get your info or your pricing but you can get some very nice Arc’teryx gear at a very reasonable price. As for Warren Buffett, he has nothing to do with Finnish Amer Sport OYJ who owns Arc’teryx.

            • nz says:

              I just got a Arc shell for less then 300 bucks… there are plenty there, and even more so if you work the sales and outlets. You utterly get what you pay for with the Dirty Bird.

            • matty says:

              You can pick up an alpha goretex shell for like 150.

            • SSD says:

              It’s end of season. Lots of sales. Literally five minutes with Google will turn up plenty of examples.

  5. Motty says:

    It appears they kept the MC Hammer parachute pant styling as well. Pass.

    • MS says:

      Dude in the picture must be a small child. Have a pair in-hand. The fit is perfect. Not baggy as pictured.

  6. Bill says:

    Thank god, I was afraid we were running out of pants to choose from.

  7. Major_Northeast_City says:

    Re: the pants, the Chinese will have ’em on Aliexpress soon enough.
    Re: Prometheus Design Werx…. hope you guys got yer green glass Octopus before they’re all gone. ;)>

  8. Luke says:

    Pretty disappoint. I was expecting something new and exciting.

    Now the wait is on to see what his jackets look like.