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Another Look At The Remington Defense CSR


Here are a few more photos taken at SHOT of a high end variant of the Concealable Sniper Rifle from Remington Defense.


This one has a Proof Research barrel and carbon fiber handguard.


Photos courtesy of Scalarworks – scalarworks.com

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10 Responses to “Another Look At The Remington Defense CSR”

  1. My Lying Eyes says:

    That has to cost 1 million dollars. Too much for the common man. Paging the white knight.

  2. SShink says:

    It feels and mounts well, but even though it has a carbon fiber barrel and a carbon tubular handguard, I was surprised at how heavy it was…too heavy.

  3. Airborne_fister says:

    Is it metal wrapped in carbon fiber, or just straight up carbon fiber? If it’s straight up CF. Won’t it be flimsy when pressed against the shoulder?

  4. I believe that you can do with