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KAC – Universal Night Sight – Thermal Sniper Motorized

Knight’s Armament recently introduced the Thermal sniper Motorized (TsM) variant of the Universal Night Sight. It’s an electric focus clip on Weapon Sight featuring high resolution (640×480, 17u) with magnification up to 8x.

You’ll notice a cable with a powered tethered remote that allows the shooter to focus, zoom, adjust gain, calibration, and polarity. Additionally, it offers battery storage with an extra 6-8 hours of use from the batteries contained in the remote switch. This feature also allows the hot swap of batteries while the thermal reamins in use.

As you can see, it is Picatinny compatible with a QR attachment for the unit itself and Velcro to the stock or other location, for the remote.  But what really sets the UNS-TsM apart from other sights on the market is the patent pending Ultra-Wideband wireless radio communications system. It allows the image captured by the UNS-TsM to be displayed via a variety of means, for example via digital video output to remote receivers, as a stand-alone rail mounted Weapon Sight, or as a Hand-Held imager.

They’ve also released a variant called the Ti, for Thermal individual. It is smaller, offers 4x magnification, but lacks the motorized, remote switching option.



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