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Extreme Outfitters – Bates Recondo Jungle Boot

Recondo Jungle Boot

The Bates Recondo is a jungle assault boot, intended for multi-terrain regions. It features an upper constructed of Wolverine Warrior Leather, which resists water and oil, and 500D Cordura nylon for quick drying performance. The Vibram Mutant outsole is rugged with a strong grip. Additional features include speed laces and medial and lateral screened vents.

Available in Olive Mojave. Made in the USA.

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30 Responses to “Extreme Outfitters – Bates Recondo Jungle Boot”

  1. Adam says:

    $200.00 for Jungle Boots is just a little too much for me to swallow.

  2. Darrel says:

    200 dollars for jungle boots that are not issued to any military, have not undergone any testing, and made by a shitty government contractor like Bates? Who do these even appeal to? All the wannabe operators have moved onto good boots like merrels and solomons

    Every pair of Bates I have ever had was an awful piece of crap that fit poorly and was made of second rate leather. I wi

    • SSD says:

      I’d like to hear about your quality issues with Bates. Which models? Dates? Issues?

      • Darrel says:

        I have worn Marine Corps Combat Boots (“Jungle”), Temperate (Gore Tex Lined), Lights, as well as a pair of their leather side-zip Police boots. Also their Patent Leather Dress Shoes, which are really not too awful.

        In general, the leather on all of them, to include the black leather, was of sub-par quality. Faded too quick, not thick enough, poor grain definition, poor reception to cleaners and moisturizers. The Nylon uppers were never really to my expectations, mismatching color, not actually waterproof. Stitching was overdone and the design of the boots didn’t actually lend itself to even take advantage of it. Most of the liners were either not subsistent enough (jersey material, or poor quality (cheap, poorly sewn goretex).

        I’ve also worn their RAT boots. I admit they are not awful. They are a lot cheaper than Danners, and they are still decent leather. They are my field boots. I don’t care about them at all, and they kind of give me that feeling of my feet melting into them when I slip them on, probably in part because of the cush liner.

        Anyone who thinks Bates makes a good boot is delusional. They make acceptable boots that meet military specification and nothing more. Given the fact that they have to produce hundreds of thousands of boots a year, make them all in America, and keep them up to standards, I suppose you could say that they are a good company, but they would never be my first choice.

      • straps says:

        Respectfully, this is a thing:

        I have Tora Bora boot durability anecdotes too.

        I’ll confess preference for Danner and Lowa–maybe they DON’T use the “common last?”

        • SSD says:

          Actually, funny story about that “story”. Turns out, after Bates was dragged through the mud by a SYSCOM project officer, there weren’t that many boots turned in to CIF and of the ones that were, many turned out to not be made by Bates.

        • SSD says:

          Oh yeah, Danner uses the DoD last on their boots made for the military.

          Obviously, Lowa does not.

          And that is the issue with the DoD last. If it doesn’t accommodate your foot, none of the issue boots will.

    • Common Sense says:

      My Bates are excellent, and have held up very well. If they don’t fit you, then buy a differently shaped boot- Danners don’t fit me, but I’m not crying about it and blaming the company.

      • Darth says:

        Then you shouldn’t be on SSD. This place is for people to bash products and insult companies

        Now bash Danners to no end or feel thy wrath

  3. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    For the price it’s better to find some New Balance/OTB jungles second-hand. Bates is not who I think of when I say “Oh golly gee! I need good boots!”

    • SSD says:

      Bates builds a good boot.

      • ThatBlueFalcon says:

        The only Bates boots that I’ve been issued that I considered GOOD were the MCB (light and heavy). My other Bates boots (steel toed, temperate, and winter) don’t fit me properly, despite having them sized to fit me. I don’t have weird feet, but Bates isn’t cutting it for me.

        There’s a reason I buy aftermarket boots (Nike/Blackhawk/OTB are my go-tos for work).

        • SSD says:

          So no DLA procured boots fit you?

          • ThatBlueFalcon says:

            Some do. Most of them make me feel like I’m walking on the moon. If you meant my comment “sized to fit me” I meant using the metal foot gauge that every RFI/CIF place SHOULD have to confirm sizing.

            • SSD says:

              The reason I’m asking is that all contract boots use a common last. DoD did this so that a 9 is a 9 no matter who made them.

  4. Tackleberry says:

    Glad to see something other than multicam or black multicam offered for these.

  5. Lucky says:

    SSD, Are these authorized with the ACU/MC, both the ACU patter and the Scorpion V2 ACU soon to be at MCSS’s?

    • SSD says:

      That’s a great question and while I believe they would be, I’m not sure anyone can answer that question, yet.

      • Lucky says:

        Solid Copy. How does that ‘Olive Mojave’ color compare with the other boots worn with ACU’s? I am looking at either these or the Lowa Uplanders for my next pair, since New Balance no longer produces the Bushmaster (Insert Sad Face here)

    • Wardog 1-7 says:

      These would not be authorized with ACUs since they’re made with “Wolverine Warrior Leather”. While the color would work for the new OCP ACUs, based on AR 670-1, the type of leather Bates uses precludes them from being authorized.

      • SSD says:

        Funny thing is, these were made specifically for the Hot Weather boot SEP submission. PEO Soldier knows what they are made from as well as the user community interested in them.

        As they are a specialty boot, I’m not sure how the ban on pig leather applies. This is all kind of coming to a head as the UQCP rolls out.

  6. Lucky says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, gotcha! So not really that authorized then…. Until the new Cammies come online in May/June?Whenenever the fuck they get around to giving us uniforms that actually blend….

    • SSD says:

      Yes. These are intended as OCIE boots like the old jungle boot.

      • Lucky says:

        Copy. So I will hold off on a new pair of boots until the Scorpion V2 is out then. Do you recommend these over the Lowa Uplanders?

        • SSD says:

          If you want an actual jungle boot, I’d recommend the Bates Recondo. They don’t have a liner that will soak up water.

          • Lucky says:

            Well, I do miss my Jungle Boots, I will be doing a lot of rucking and BN level Tactical training in the next year, so whichever is lighter weight, allows my feet to breath, has support, and can stand up to everything from KLE’s to 15 mile rucks and O courses, among other things

  7. Dan says:

    I own these… the sole is out of control chunky. I love the upper, great for quick drying, I hate the sole. Grip is good but, I am talking like a whole pound of rubber on this thing… yuck.

  8. falldownjaeger says:

    So what’s wrong with updating the older Altama padded cuff Gen III
    (Gen I plain cotton duck uppers vibram soles; Gen II cotton duck uppers + 2″ nylon webbing ankle supports vibram or panama soles; Gen III black nylon upper, 2″ nylon webbing ankle support, padded cuff, speed lace, panama soles) Jungle Boots with a coyote Tan 498 leather lower with 1000d upper? Like an improved “Schwartzkopf Boot” to wear with OCP, Under $100.

    • SSD says:

      What’s wrong with it? Altama was sold and the new owners are working to get the factory running again. So far, no dice.