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FirstSpear Friday Focus – SSV In-The-Belt Appendix/Kidney


Continuing development of the SSV Holster Line, FirstSpear has been hard at work to bring you a deeper concealment holster with the versatility that EDC requires. Available for all standard stock pistols without light in the FS SSV Line and all standard colors, this holster has some unique attributes that are sure to make it your favorite. An easy-to-use molded J Hook lets you attach and remove the holster without undoing your belt and a backup lanyard can be installed in case the J Hook becomes disengaged from your belt (removable if not desired). Lastly, the holster body provides a complete wrap at the muzzle to facilitate protection of key body parts from a hot muzzle during repetitive training drills.

Available immediately from FirstSpear!


4 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – SSV In-The-Belt Appendix/Kidney”

  1. Texas-Roll-Over says:

    So this is basically a Cook’s Kydex holster with the first spear logo?

  2. DeltaRangerForcesSpecial says:

    these have a cordura finish and actually look nothing like mrs cooks…

  3. English kanigit says:

    Can that belt loop be adjusted for any other angle? Having a cant like that would be mighty uncomfortable for AIWB, methinks.

  4. Mate says:

    Good thing they put that 550 cord there, because those types of clips *suck* and that cord will def be needed 9/10 times.