BCM – BCMGUNFIGHTER Accessories Now Available In New Colors


BCM has expanded the color options for the BcMGUNFIGHTER line of AR-15 accessories. The BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock, Gunfighter Pistol Grip, Vertical Grips, KAG, and Enhanced Trigger Guards are now available in Black, FDE, Foliage Green, and Urban wolf. Additionally, these color options will extend to BCM’s new KeyMod Rail Covers.

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6 Responses to “BCM – BCMGUNFIGHTER Accessories Now Available In New Colors”

  1. Big Joe says:

    What’s with the rubber band on the stock? Is this the new operator fad?

    • mitori says:

      For stowing your sling.

    • T says:

      Also, at least for some stocks (original Crane SOPMOD IIRC) a while back, it was to keep the tension latch from coming undone, and I’ve seen it used to hold stuff besides a sling. Although that is particularly useful in vehicles and such.

    • Ashcrack Baqsack says:

      where does one purchase those? or can those rubber bands from Office Depot work the same?
      advance thanks

      • T says:

        Gearward and ITS Tactical are good. They’re called Ranger or Rigger bands, respectively. I’m sure there are other places you can get them. Regular rubber bands won’t really get the job done.

  2. Banshee26 says:

    Why is anyone making stuff in Foliage Green anymore? Nostalgia?