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“No Substitite For Victory” with Your Host John Wayne

3 Responses to ““No Substitite For Victory” with Your Host John Wayne”

  1. Terry B. says:

    Thanks SSD,

    Political and military foresight is never as clear as hindsight.

    But even “perfect” hindsight can only judge what happened…and not what other options might or might not have accomplished…if they had been tried.

    Even looking at it as objectively as we can from the vantage point of today our stated strategy in VN remains problematic at best.

    And if we did have the strategy wrong, then “trying harder” or prolonging the war in Vietnam would not have likely resulted in a more positive political outcome for the US.

    We face much the same conundrum today in our conflict with the Radical Islamic Ideology (RII).

    As in Vietnam, if our strategy is wrong then IMO no amount of blood and treasure can be reasonably expected to secure victory.

    And yes, I believe strongly that our policies, vision and intent towards RII has been confused and clearly ineffective during both this and the last Administration.

    Hopefully we will get it right soon.


  2. Ranger Rick says:

    A lot of sacrifice; money, time, youth and blood.

  3. El Terryble' says:

    Today the Communists, i.e. International Socialists (under guise of the Democrat Party, and the collaborationist wing of the GOP that fails to confront this internal assault) have infiltrated the highest reaches of American government and society, and in league with our Islamic and foreign enemy, are attempting to establish a dictatorship by subverting the rule of law and the Constitution on which it is based. They are dismantling the supporting institutions of the People (such as the military, Family, Church, legal system, and free and fair elections ), fomenting racial animus, monopolizing the desimination of information, controlling the education system, using blackmail and intimidation, settling millions of uneducated and illiterate third world illegal aliens (a form of ethnic cleansing) in the Country so as to act as a fifth column, and creating the environment for economic collapse with soon-to-be $20 trillion in public debt and a socialist economy. They are using the foreign intelligence sources to spy on law abiding American’s, while they release terrorist killers and those who break the law- like Lois Lerner in the IRS, Eric Holder at the DOJ, and Hillary Clinton at the Department of States- are given license to commit debauchery against the notion that no man is above the law. They are establishing a police state, and aiding our foreign enemy abroad by negotiating Iran into nuclear weapon’s status in violation or the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, after they abandoned victory in Iraq into defeat, and turned a few dozen al Qaeda in Iraq operatives into the ten’s of thousands of Islamic State jihadists.

    Barack Hussein Obama is the instrument by which this internal threat has manifested itself, but he is backed up by billionaires, such as George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Jeffrey Katzenberg, as well as the entertainment, universtiy, and media industries. They wish to assume power by subjugating the American People’s birthright, and to use ten’s of millions of uninformed and ignorant American’s, those who have no morals or loyalty to the American way of life, and whom are willing to trade away our rights and country for EBT cards and government jobs to deprive our children of what is their God-given right.

    The Soviet Union may have been defeated, but their ideology survived, and one of that ideology’s adherents is residing at the White House. America is under threat as like no time in our Nation’s history, and in order for it to survive, we must take into account the lessons of our forefather’s, whom founded the Country by fate and divine providence against tyranny to resist this so as to protect our children and grandchildren against what is tantamount to genocide.

    John Wayne was right, “We must vote out of office, regardless of political party, those politicians who seek to appease tyranny and foment anarchy..We must enforce the laws that make crime illegal. We must take a stand, so that our Great Nation can survive.” Or die trying.