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Nintendo 2DS Tactical Case from Zulu Nylon Gear

The Nintendo 2DS is an excellent man-portable, field use time wasting device. The single piece construction minimizes moving parts making it particularly durable and well suited for use in a tactical environment. However, the dual screens are left exposed and susceptible to impact and scratching. The Zulu Nylon Gear 2DS Tactical Case was developed as a dedicated, protective sleeve to cover the dual screens when loose in your ruck or when mounted to MOLLE web gear. The 2DS Tactical Case also features 3 slots for additional game cartridges and a large Velcro loop field on the flap for displaying morale patches. The Case can be mounted to any MOLLE compatible platform with 2 Short MALICE Clips (not included). It is currently available in Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Multicam, and ATACS AU. As with all other Zulu Nylon Gear products, the 2DS Tactical Case is made in the USA with high quality, milspec materials.


8 Responses to “Nintendo 2DS Tactical Case from Zulu Nylon Gear”

  1. Bussaca says:

    please tell me this one is legit…

  2. We made a small number of them, order away!

  3. Doc Steel says:

    I know this is an April Fools Joke but I really would buy this

  4. Erik says:

    Someone’s jimmies are gonna be rustled…..

  5. Greg says:

    I’m gonna wait till next april 1st for the 3DS version.